Swim Lessons Save Lives

We’ve had our little guy in swim lessons for a few years now. He is really progressing well and I am loving the confidence he is gaining with each lesson. Recently we had a crazy snow storm here in Dallas. I talked with my older girls about the dangers of walking on frozen ponds, as […]

Feeling safe at AquaKids Mckinney

The pandemic really changed our lives this past year and we quarantined hard for many months. We were thrilled once AquaKids Mckinney got the green light to reopen. We NEEDED some sense of normalcy back and were excited to return. From the very start, we have loved how through they have been about reopening in […]

Family Fun at the Gaylord Texan

If you are looking for something fun to do in the Dallas then you will want to check out WinterFest at The Gaylord Texan! They have the following shows right now and with their Covid precautions, you will feel safe and kind a small escape from quarantined life! We were invited to check out Grand […]

Sign up NOW for Soccer Camp this summer!

Give the gift of soccer camp! After being stuck in quarantine, our coaches are excited to get back on the field playing and teaching the game we love! Sign-up and you will receive a jersey, camp t-shirt, and soccer ball! My son has attended this camp two summers in a row and LOVES it. We […]

Re-Decorating with new Wall Art after Home Improvement Projects

With Covid forcing a shut down, we decided to do some home improvement projects. One that has been needed for a bit is repainting the interior walls of our house. We have lived here for five years now and it was time. We have only hung photos on spots that already had nail holes… etc. […]

Home Improvements during Quarantine

I don’t know about you but since we are spending more time inside our home (now that it is cold and rainy) my list of home improvement projects is growing by the day. I go from pinning ideas of things I would love in my next home to trying to make those things a reality […]

New game for Family Fun: Mind the Gap

We love playing games with our kids. We play weekly if we can get them together…we have three teens and an (almost) 5 yr old. When we have friends or family over, we make it a game night! I recently was sent Mind the Gap and couldn’t wait to play it with my kids. Mind […]

Shop and Save Big at Sam’s Club this Holiday Season

This post is sponsored by Sivan Social. All comments and opinions are my own! I have really loved shopping at Sam’s Club these past few months! They have spoiled me with their easy online ordering and contactless pick up! I am loving their wide variety of food options, and now all of the Holiday sweets, […]

4 Facts About the Bacteria That Dwells in Your Mouth

The average mouth is teeming with bacteria. Unfortunately, bacteria can affect the health of a person’s smile. It is important for individuals to understand the dangers of bacteria in their mouths. Individuals also need to know how to get rid of bacteria so their smiles can be kept healthy.  The Human Mouth Has a Microbiome […]

Difficulty Breathing? Here’s When Your Issues Should Be Addressed With Rhinoplasty

You always have to give careful consideration to the idea of using a surgical procedure to resolve a particular issue you might be experiencing, such as breathing problems, for instance, but fixing your nose through rhinoplasty could provide the solution you are looking for. If you are having difficulty with your breathing here is an […]