Difficulty Breathing? Here’s When Your Issues Should Be Addressed With Rhinoplasty

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You always have to give careful consideration to the idea of using a surgical procedure to
resolve a particular issue you might be experiencing, such as breathing problems, for instance,
but fixing your nose through rhinoplasty could provide the solution you are looking for.
If you are having difficulty with your breathing here is an overview of what rhinoplasty offers and
how it could provide a viable solution.
It is not just about the way you look
Cosmetic surgery is a solution that is often associated with a desire to improve your looks in
some way but it is fair to say that rhinoplasty has the ability to offer more than a way to give your
features a permanent makeover.
Often referred to as a “nose job”, rhinoplasty is often carried out for non-cosmetic reasons.
It can often be the case that improving the shape of your nose could improve your breathing by
opening up your nasal passages and realigning cartilage. The end result of having this
procedure could be that you are then able to breathe more efficiently and it could also boost
your protection against chronic sinus infections.
Rhinoplasty explained
It is a good idea to understand exactly what rhinoplasty entails so that you have the confidence
to decide whether to choose this option to fix a problem with your breathing.
Rhinoplasty is now a very common procedure with hundreds of thousands of patients deciding
to have this procedure each year.
It involves shaping the bone and cartilage of your nose in order to give your nose a more
pleasing appearance. But rhinoplasty is as much about functionality as aesthetics.
The primary goals that a surgeon wants to achieve with rhinoplasty are either an improvement
in your appearance or breathing. You might end up with both and enjoy a better shaped nose
while also being to breathe more easily.
Typical problems that can be potentially fixed with rhinoplasty
You might be suffering from enlarged turbinates which could have a detrimental impact on your
breathing ability.

These turbinates are tissues that are located inside your nasal passages and if they become
enlarged they may well cause you to experience what you would describe as a permanent state
of stuffiness.
Another common problem that could impact your breathing is when you are shown to have a
deviated septum.
It is a common problem, as it is estimated that more than 75% of us have nasal septums that
are not straight or centralized. A deviated septum can cause you to suffer regular sinus
infections, breathing difficulties, and consistent nasal congestion, to name a few regular
Soft nasal cartilage is another problem. Your nose cartilage becomes weaker as part of the
aging process and your nose might need to be reshaped to sort out your airflow issues.
Now that you know some of the typical reasons why you might choose to opt for rhinoplasty you
may want to discuss your specific symptoms with the surgeon so that you can decide if this
procedure is right for you.

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