Day 8 Fun Feature on the @NissanQuest @NissanNews

One thing I like to do to pass time while in the van is to talk on the phone. I think it’s a great time to get in all of those “detail calls.” I don’t normally call friends/family unless I am by myself, but I do call and set up appointments and such. I am […]

Day Six @NissanQuest Fun Feature @NissanNews

If you want to enjoy the fresh air outside while you drive, then you will love today’s feature on the Nissan Quest! Not only can you enjoy the windows upfront, but you can also enjoy windows in the back…that actually roll down! My kids LOVED having the access to fresh air! I also love that […]

Day Four Fun Feature in the @NissanQuest @NissanNews

If you are like me then you have a different temperature then your hubby. I feel like I am always cold now, and my hubby is always hot. This is fine at home as I can cover up and he can sleep on top of the covers. This, however, is NOT okay in the van. […]