Regression and Swim Lessons

Coming out of Quarantine was rough for many reasons. My family didn’t realize the craziness that we had built in our lives until it was force-stopped. As we have slowly evaluated and started adding a few things back here and there, I have really been thinking thru the “why” on each activity we are adding […]

Jeeps, Ducks, and Fun…

I have a few friends and family members who own Jeeps. They are all about their rides. I have never seen a group of people who hold so much pride in their vehicle. They have a game they play with each other…and it’s all over the U.S. It’s called “Duck, Duck, Jeep.”  From my understanding, […]

Drive Safe and Save Money

What if I told you that there is an app that will reward your safe driving habits with savings? Like actual dollars each month! MercuryGO is an awesome app that I’ve been using the past month which gives me lots of helpful feedback about my driving and can reward me with savings! We’ve been shopping around […]

Parenting during a Pandemic

The title of this blog post is something I never would have dreamed I would be posting about. These past six months have felt like years. The sudden stop of all activity. The sadness over the world feeling so out of control. SO MANY EMOTIONS. At first the kids were excited to “not go back […]

February Traditions

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly. This is a strange holiday in my book. I mean, it’s awesome that it’s all about love but it can feel so exclusive too. I have tried to make this holiday one just to share love in general. I love to spoil my kids with a heart shaped pizza and […]

Coming Soon: AquaKids is coming to Castle Hills

You know how much we love AquaKids and talk about it non stop? I have great news for my friends in Castle Hills. New location in Castle Hills opening July 2020! This will be AquaKids 4th location in DFW! They are such an awesome outstanding business and I know they will thrive really well in this […]

The New 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Touring

I loved our Chrysler Town and Country when we owned it a few years ago. I was sad to hear that they were no longer making the Town and Country until I learned about the Chrysler Pacifica. This is Chrysler’s new upgraded model. There are so many things that I love about this new model! […]

The History of Alfa Romeo and where to buy one…

Have you ever heard of Alfa Romeo? I hadn’t until recently. Alfa Romeo was a Grand Prix racing team that started competing in 1950-51. What sets Alfa Romeo apart is that they won the first Automobile World Championship, as well as winning the first two European Championships. These cars are made for the sporty consumer […]

Do It Yourself Auto repair vs Taking to the Experts

I was not raised in a home that had an excess of money. My dad (and even great grandpa) did a lot of auto repair on their own. This amazes me because it was pre Youtube and they somehow figured it out. They (still) did their own oil changes and such. I wish I was […]

Leather vs Cloth for your new vehicle

There are so many options when considering a new vehicle. You can drive yourself crazy with customizing a vehicle to be exactly what you desire. The ability to have all of the colors, fabrics, and features that you want has come a long way in a short amount of time. When my parents where purchasing […]