Home Improvements during Quarantine

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I don’t know about you but since we are spending more time inside our home (now that it is cold and rainy) my list of home improvement projects is growing by the day. I go from pinning ideas of things I would love in my next home to trying to make those things a reality in our current home. We did get most of the inside repainted…and it needed it after living here for 6 years!

A few things on my list are as follows:

The upstairs bathroom between two of the bedrooms needs a face lift. We have three kids sharing it and two are teens. The cabinets are not providing enough storage for their needs. I would love to have drawers added or a whole new cabinet/vanity installed. I’ve been searching for temporary fixes and have found a few… but I would also love to have their counter a little higher too. It feels low.

The next project I would love to complete is a TV and more comfortable furniture on our back patio. I would love for that space to be a place for me to chill in all seasons and relax. We currently share one TV in the family room and I don’t get to actually watch it very often…because…well… four kids!

Our “play room” has become basically a lego building room. There are SO MANY legos in there. Legos that are put together in sets, some that are divided in bins by colors and some that are half constructed. It’s a mess actually and I feel like we need to revamp how that is going and what it looks like.

And last I think having a tarmac driveway would be nice. Our driveway is pretty beat up and looks awful. It would be nice to have a smooth, refinished one for the kids to play on. They love to play out front and sidewalk chalk gets eaten by our current cement drive away. This would be a great addition.

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