Mommy Stuff

Driving to the Dr.s office this morning I was thinking about my role as a mom. I, like every other mom out there, question of I am balancing it all well. I wonder if my kids are getting what they need from life, or better yet from me. Do they see a woman who is […]

Loving technology!

I’m currently in flight on my way back to the great state of Texas! We loved Disney World, but 7 days in the parks wore us flat out! I’ll be online tomorrow afternoon, playing catch up!

How to Get Rid of Junk eMail!

Want to know how to get rid of Junk eMail? If you are like me, then you love to clean out your email before you go to bed! But the problem is that you wake up with 50+ and most of them are JUNK! It’s super easy get rid of that junk…but it does take […]

An Uninvited guest…who lives with us!

It’s so frustrating to have an uninvited guest come into my home and make messes and cause friction! I hate the way he makes voices raise and causes division. Perhaps you might know this guy…”Not Me.” Has he been to your house lately? He just won’t leave ours…no forcing him out.  “Who made this mess?” […]

Hang Tight…something worth reading is coming!

Although my site is currently under construction (or in design!) I will have a full site design and tons of fun content posted in the coming days and weeks! Hang in there and keep watching for it! 🙂