HEB Beauty pick of the month: John Frieda Straightening Iron Review (+ Giveaway) #HEBbeauty

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I have crazy half wavy, have straight hair. It’s annoying! On days when I am out of time, I scrunch it and hate it all day long! On the other days, I enjoy the look of it straightened! I was recently sent a John Frieda Premium Straightening Iron as an HEB Beauty Blogger to test out! I’ve used a few different flat irons and was up for the challenge!

Now, I have girls…who love for me to do things to their hair. One has hair like mine…bless her little heart! The other has board straight hair…and wants carls! So thanks to the temperature setting on the John Frieda Straightening Iron, I was able to turn it down and play with my girls hair! Chloe, my crazy haired child was super easy to fix! The flat iron slid right down her hair and made it looks sleek and silky! (See before and after picts below!)









Emma, on the other hand has straight hair! I was able to add curl and volume with the John Freida Straightening Iron to her hair! (See below for the added volume and curl…her bangs are what ALL of her hair normally looks like…totally flat!)

As a mom, I love that this iron has temperature settings! I can turn it up for my hair, and down for the girls hair! This has proven to be a great flat iron and at a great price!

For over 20 years, the John Frieda hair care experts have been defining style.  Now the leader in transformational hair care has helped inspire a line of professional appliances to totally transform frizzy, dull, flyaway hair.  Advanced ionic conditioning enhances manageability and leaves hair looking and feeling healthy, smooth and shiny.  This premium straightening iron features advanced ionic power, with high heat up to 455 degrees fahrenheit, true ceramic technology, and 11 professional digital settings. Now you want to try one out, right? Save $10 off with this printable John Frieda Coupon! These are priced at $49.97 instore at HEB!

Two lucky MyCRAZYsavings readers will win a John Frieda premium straightening iron! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment with what you struggle with the most when styling your hair! For extra entries, leave a comment on this post on Facebook as well and/or retweet with your answer on Twitter! Use hashtag $hebbeauty if you Tweet! Open to US residents only and ends on 12/29 at 5:PM CST.

*I was sent this product to try for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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  1. Kristyne Kaahea says

    I have naturally wavy hair and it is sooo very thick. My main struggle when styling my hair is trying to think it out so that its lighter on my head and more manageable.

  2. Jessica Holmes says

    I have the straight wavy hair like you and one with super curly hair! I would love to get a straightener for both of our hair!

  3. Kristyne Kaahea says
  4. Carol Clouser says

    My hair is naturally curly. I would love to try this Iron. I had used a cheap one once and it fried my hair.

  5. Jessica Perry says

    I used other flat irons before and most either damage my hair or pull my hair out. I’m in need of a new one.

  6. Christina Parker says

    I have wavy hair with frizz and some straight pieces. And it’s thick on top of that, it’s so hard to manage. Every morning I spend an hr on my hair between trying to blow dry it straight then trying to flat iron it afterwards. I have a cheap flat iron that is o it’s last leg. I could really use one of these and would love to have one.

  7. how cute your models are! :0)
    what i struggle with most when i style my hair is whether i will straighten or keep its naturally curly-waviness! most of the time i just toss in some smoothing products and let it naturally air dry in hopes of not over drying it, but i love it straight and a good straightener would encourage me to go straight more often! $hebbeauty =)

  8. Frizzy hair is my biggest problem!

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I have fine hair that is not quite straight and not quite wavy. What it needs is smoothing.

  10. Shell Holland says

    I struggle the most when it’s humid out and my hair gets really frizzy

  11. My hair is naturally curly. I struggle most with frizz. 🙂

  12. Stephanie Hirsch says

    I struggle with frizziness in the humidity, straightening my hair always seems to help. =)
    steph4575 at msn dot com

  13. Courtney Martin says

    My hair has a mind of its own. It is pin straight pin places and then in others I have ringlets. It would be awesome to win this and try getting it all under control.

  14. Courtney Martin says

    I left a comment on FB

  15. Courtney Martin says

    I tweeted this giveaway.
    Flat iron giveaway contest on @mycrazysavings. #hebbeauty I entered….you should too!!

  16. My hair is so straight that it doesn’t do anything! I know the stylist uses a flat iron to help it flip out and look funky!

  17. I def struggle with the heat settings on my hair straightener. I can’t ever seem to get it right. I could use a more high quality one!

  18. I tweeted this.

  19. Beth Marhefka says

    I have crazy flyaways all over, so a straightner would be helpful.

  20. i have a lot of trouble with getting dry and split ends every time i style! and flyaways!

  21. I have annoyingly crazy, frizzy, wavy, poofy, black hair! Trying to tame this mane is like trying to tame kids on a sugar high! DIFFICULT!!

  22. My hair is thick and wavy and it takes forever to straightn… And my daughter has very curly hair and she.loves when I straightn it..

  23. I struggle with NOT having a flat iron; I can not afford one.

    I have flyaways , wicked long, wavy hair.

    I would love to have sleek, shiny hair just like those little girls !

  24. Misty sigman says

    I have crazy frizzy hair and really need some john freida love

  25. I have dry hair that is frizzy to no end. When I straight iron it, i get tons of split ends and ends that pull off.

  26. Janice Lentz says

    I struggle with combing out the snarls in my wet hair, even after using lots of conditioner. Then If I use any additional product on my hair, it doesn’t look and feel clean anymore.

  27. My hair is very unmanagable. Its straight in some parts, wavy in others and very frizzy. I just cant seem to find an affordable and good straightner.

  28. monica deoca says


  29. I struggle with my curly frizzy hair that is also medium fine.
    Trying to get it straight and not frizzy with flyaway s is hard and letting it curl naturally results in FRIZZy curls. Always searching for a product that can tame my hair.

  30. Teresa Gonzalez says

    This would be great for my daughter. She has curly, curly hair and we can never do anything with it. She is tired of the curly hair and wants straight hair. This would be such a lifesaver for us, I can finally straighten her hair and she would look and feel beautiful.

  31. Dona Price says

    My biggest problem is having frizzy hair that is unmanageable. I feel that john freida could do wonders for my hair!!

  32. I need a flat iron ,I have curly hair, i take too, long to straighten my hair.I have bought a few of flat irons and I’m just so, tired that i can not find one that really works……sometimes i just give up…..and use rollers and then dry my hair….. Help……

  33. I also have half curly half wavy/straight hair that gets frizzy. This sounds like a great product.

  34. Maria Pabon says

    Well lets see where to start, i have natural extremely dry frizzy curly hair, which according to a lot of women i am blessed with lol, love to straighten it but havent really found anything to keep it straight for very long, usually for the day and thats it goes back to curly the next day. would love to see how john freida straightner would work on my hair.

  35. Used to have straight hair, had 2 kids recently, now my hairdresser accusers me if having a perm behind his back! LOL!!!! Damn hormones! Need a good iron to combat it! LOL!

  36. I have curly hair and when I try to straighten it blowing by it self does not work.

  37. Lisa Salazar says

    J have thick, each and unruly hair. I hate to fix it because it never stays. I need something that will keep my hair straight and to be able to do it quickly without tearing up my hair. Most days it ends up in a ponytail because I have no idea what to do with it.

  38. Cant afford a straightner for myself borrow my daughters at least once a week, would love to win one

  39. Mystina Denby says

    I have really frizzy hair. It’s curly if I let it natural dry, wavy if I blow dry it but BIG usually. I’d love a straightening iron to help style my hair! I have a TON of hair too.

  40. I have thin hair that is part straight and part wavy. It frizzes very easily and goes flat at the same time. When I’m out and about, I feel like I’m the only one that has the frizzies!

  41. I have straight hair till about 4″ from my scalp goes instantly wavy… HATE IT! I need a new hair straightner so bad. It’s so bad that even after attempting to straighten my hair with my cheap straightner my husband asked “Why is your hair so poofy?” and I know he said that because the table next to us this girl had amazing shiny smooth straight hair! Darn Texas hummidity!

  42. I have very fine hair and it can be quite limp. I have a difficult time finding products to plump it up.

  43. Shannon Velasquez says

    I have shorter hair that is neither straight nor curly and I have a straightener and it works for about 20 minutes then my hair is back to its funky ways again. I need something that will last all day :).

  44. My problem is that I have way too much hair. So, 2 weeks after a cut it is heavy and has no volume, no anything! I’d love to try this tool to help make my cut last longer.

  45. I’d love to try this iron. The flat iron I have fries my hair 🙁

  46. I have VERY curly, thick hair…which is fun & easy, but a great flat iron is an absolute must! my biggest issue has got to be the TIME CONSUMING process. I had an old ratty iron & it used to take me 2 hours! I found a great chi iron & cut the time down to 45 min. It’s all about the quality of the iron

  47. What a terrific Christmas present! My hair is thin, but wavy. I’d love to try the John Frieda straightener.

  48. Living in the humidity weather I struggle with frizz!!

  49. I have thick curly hair which has been a struggle to control all of my life. It wasn’t until I tried a chi iron that I found a product that could provide me with the straighten results I had always wished for, so I would love to try this new iron and see if it will do the trick on my hair.

  50. I have naturally wavy hair (thanks Dad!) so until recently I have worn it curly/wavy. But I have a style now that looks cute straightened, so when I have the time in the morning before work I straighten it. But I am really looking for a new flat iron as I’m not very happy with my current iron.

  51. My hair is really hard to style-it won’t hold a set and just kinda hangs tyhere.

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  52. With the humidity around here, I struggle with frizz!

  53. My greatest challenge is keeping any style ~ it always goes limp!

  54. what you struggle with the most when styling your hair! THE DRYNESS…I HAVE TO KEEP OIL SHEEN SPRAY WHEN I USE HEAT FROM IRONS..

  55. Stephanie Fujarski says

    I NEED this flat iron!! My hair has a mind of it’s own. It has a bit of a wave to it, especially when I let it air dry. It never seems to lay the way I want it to. One side or the other is always flipping out the wrong way. I really think this flat iron would solve my problem!


  56. Stephanie Fujarski says

    I commented on the post on facebook.

  57. I struggle with my hair staying straight. I have naturally curly hair.
    tarter95 at hotmail dot com

  58. I’ve got thick , curly hair – difficult to straighten !! and now I’m thinking of just chopping it off !! I do want to try the J.F. straightener desperately as a last resort
    !! .

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