Recipe: Chocolate Granola Apple Crisp (+ Printable Back to Nature Coupon)

This post is sponsored by New year, new me? Right?  I am trying harder in this new year to spoil my family a little more with some fresh new recipes and fun eats. I am trying to come up with fun new snack ideas that encourage my kids to incorporate more fruits and veggies. […]

Improve Your Health with These Tips

Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is very healthy and it is recommended by all physicians. This is because both fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. Nonetheless, eating these fruits and vegetables on a regular basis might be boring. As a result, it is important to consider juicing these […]

Tough Stuff Parenting Book Review

It’s no secret, I’m a mom to four kiddos. My oldest is 13, then next is my (soon to be) 12 yr old, then my 10 yr old and last my little guy who is 3. Thankfully, my oldest has been a pretty straight arrow and hasn’t thrown me too many curve balls (yet!) in […]

A toy you will #GoBananas for

My girls LOVE all things small and collectable and were so excited when I told them that we were partnering with Bananas™ to show you their new fun toy! Infact, one of my daughters asked if she could do a video to actually show you, see below: As you can see, you can peel open […]

New Year, New YOU!

Happy 2019! With the new year often comes plans for a new you. Perhaps you want to be more organized this year (I know that I do!) or you want focus more on your health. Whatever your focus is, I hope you find a way to sustain and persevere to achieve your goals. It was […]

Parking Lot Safety in Trucks

If you haven’t driven a big truck, then you might not know that there are often blind spots when you are in tight places. Here are a few tips to help with parking lot safety. 1.) Look for spots to park that have several open spots nearby. Trying to squeeze between compact cars can be […]

Buy with Confidence from Reedman Toll Chevy

Are you looking to buy a new or used car this year? I always second guess myself and get nervous when we start looking a new cars. We actually never go “look” and not buy. I have found that it’s easier to shop online before ever stepping foot into a dealership. If you are savvy […]

Perfect First Car for a Teen

We have a teen that will be driving soon and we are starting to talk about her first car. My husbands first car was a Subaru and he is very proud that he saved up and paid for it himself. We had it when we got married, and loved that car so much. It got […]

Carseat Safety in a Jeep

I have always liked the idea of kids riding in vehicles that are up higher off of the road. I feel they are safer. I, personally, haven’t owned a car in a few years and feel that carseats are safer in vans and SUVS. When you look at a Jeep and how high it is […]

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Dallas Summer Musicals

Get ready and plan now for a fun date night because THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is coming to Dallas Summer Musicals from Dec. 19 through Jan. 6! Hubby and I are going on Friday and I am excited! This is one I have not seen before in theater! Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of […]