Why my husband loves his Man Van!

My husband has never been a “pick up guy!” He does, however, love being able to move large items from time to time. We don’t rent pick ups, or borrow, we simply use our van. It’s a Chrysler Town and Country and all of the seats tumble down flat. With the seats tumbled, he can […]

Dressing my little Sweethearts for Valentine’s Day

I love dressing my family up for holidays! Valentine’s Day included! This year, I get to dress up a sweet little BOY!!! Children’s Place has a great selection of Valentine’s Day outfits, pajamas and accessories. I am totally in love with these sweet newborn pajamas and I think the model is a doll as well! […]

The best gift to give at Valentine’s Day #GalentinesDay

I am such a practical gift giver and I love gifts that are consumable! With saying that, my hubby can tell you that I much prefer edible gifts over “pretty” ones! Flowers are always appreciated, but they die. Watching them die is depressing to me! I am going to share today what I think is […]

Buying a house from the Best of the Best!

Buying a house is a big stressor for some. Steve and I weren’t even looking when we found our current home. Seriously! A neighbor down the street told us about it and we peeked online and liked what we saw. Next thing I knew, we were putting an offer on it. The market in North […]

Finding Balance after life changes occur

Life is full of changes. Some changes are good and some are not. The unexpected changes tend to catch us off guard more often then not.  When my mom died in a car wreck, it took me a long time to find balance in my life again. I didn’t live with her at the time but […]

Bear Your Heart with Snuggle #BearYourHeart

    I love snuggle… the brand with the fresh smelling scents, and the action of a tight hug with my loved ones. Check out these stats from a national survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Snuggle in January 2016.  Top findings include: Four in five people (80%) would appreciate a loved one showing […]

Test Drive the Subaru Legacy

Remember my post a few months back about the Subaru Legacy? I’ve been thinking about that car a lot since that post. Since adding another little one to our family, I’ve began to realize that some of the features on the Legacy are not just “wish list items” but are NEEDS!  You need to test drive […]

How to Stop the Sassing and have a clean kitchen floor

My kiddos have gotten rather sassy these past few months. It has gotten out of control and I had to do some creative thinking to get them back on track. Sending them to their rooms wasn’t enough and I needed them to have hands on consequences that would encourage them to think before sassing. Armed […]

DFW Boat Expo is coming to Dallas – Feb. 5-7 & 11-14

Dream BIG at the DFW Boat Expo, Dallas Feb. 5-7 & 11-14.  DFW Winter Boat Expo at Dallas Market Hall will have over 650 all new 2016 boat and watercraft models on display and available for purchase from over 20 North Texas boat dealers. The boat expo is produced by the United Boat Dealers of North […]

Spa-tacular Birthday Fun

Oriental Trading partnered with me for this post. All opinions are my own and are honest. My middle daughter, Emma, turned 9 this month. She is a girly girl and loves all things “fancy!” When thinking about the theme for her birthday party this year, she said she wanted something that was perfect for a […]