Celebrating Mother’s Day with Love from Pampers

I have partnered with Pampers diapers to bring you this post as a part of the Pampers Baby Board! These four sweeties made me a mom…a very proud mom! Since becoming a mom, Mother’s Day has always been a joyful holiday for me! Over the years I have received the most adorable handmade cards from my […]

Thank you Nurses!

I have partnered with Pampers to bring you this post! I love being a Pampers Baby Board blogger and being able to give back to Nurses! This week is Nurse Appreciation Week! Nurses play a vital role in our lives and our babies’ lives and Pampers recognizes how special they are! For the second year in […]

The Truth about Laser Hair Removal

I have partnered with Spa810 to bring you this post. All opinions are my own and are honest! If you have been reading my blog for the last few months, then you know that I have been doing some spa treatments with Spa810 in Plano. I have been checking out all that they have to […]

Behavior Incentive plan for 8-12 yr olds

Recently I hit a wall in my parenting skills. My girls are now 8, 10 and 12. They are so smart and I am out numbered! I began to feel like my girls expected the world to be given to them and they started getting really cranky and fussy when asked to contribute around the […]

Unfinished work…

There is so much unfinished in my house. My laundry is always unfinished. It’s a full time job to keep those baskets empty and just when I empty the last one, I go upstairs to find MORE laundry in the kids rooms! It truly is always unfinished… and I am okay with that. The dishes are […]

Thoughts while getting a Massage!

I have partnered with Spa810 for a series of posts about their awesome services. All opinions are mine and are honest! After a very busy weekend of travel and running around, I was thankful to have a massage scheduled for Monday morning! My back is where I carry my stress. Add to that, my (not […]

Busy Mom Tip: How to Keep up with Laundry (+ Savings)

I have partnered with Biz to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest! I like to talk about products I use and love! Biz is one of them. I am a BUSY BUSY mama of four littles! They range in age from 16 months to 12 years old! This means our laundry […]

Celebrating turning 12 with Captain America Themed Party

A huge thanks to Oriental Trading for helping make this party PERFECT! My 12 yr old isn’t a “girly girl!” She never has been. She likes things that SHE likes and isn’t easily convinced to change for something that another likes! She decided a few years back that she enjoyed Avengers and Captain America was […]

Parenting with the End in mind!

For the past few months, my hubby and I have been attending Parent Camp. I really wanted to attend for a few reasons, but mainly because the teen years are coming quickly and I want to be ahead of the game. I don’t want to live in a crazy cycle of either apathy or shooting into […]

Upcycled Chick-fil-A Containers for Sensory Baby Play

Anyone that knows me knows that my family LOVES Chick-fil-A! We go at least once a week, and often times more! They know us by name and we have made some precious friendships with a few of the hostess ladies. When I know they have something personal going on, I want to check up on […]