Finding Balance after Adoption

Here we are almost 9 months in and I am STILL trying to find balance in my life! We are always moving forward and on the go, but always feeling a little frazzle-dazzled! We had some sort of a routine, then BAM – summer hit! It threw off everything! It made it harder to do […]

Solving the Bible Story Family Growth problem

For some time I have felt a calling (so to speak) to make sure my kids are being intentionally fed spiritually. The idealist in my would have us carve out an hours every night where Steve (being the man of the house) would engage with a fun, applicable lesson from the Bible. This has not […]

The Importance of Positive Adoption Language

Adoption has been around for a long time, however the circumstances and ways that families can adopt have changed a lot. If you research the history of adoption, you will find a few things. 1.) Kids were put on Orphan trains that traveled from city to city and then at stops they were put up […]

Pay it Forward with Office Depot Foundation

I love Pay it Forwards! For the past 16 years, the Office Depot Foundation has been giving children important tools they need to succeed in school – and in life – at the beginning of the new school year. I love their National Backpack Program! They are donating 200,000 colorful new sackpacks to nonprofit organizations, schools and […]

Pay it Forward with PDQ

PDQ is offering an awesome pay it forward opportunity as we got Back to School. Items needed: Binders Crayons Colored pencils Dry-erase markers Erasers Glue sticks and bottles Highlighters Loose-leaf paper Markers Notebooks Pencils Pencil bags Pens Rulers Tissues Two-pocket folders

Bed time Routines and Sweet Slumber #LoveHallmark

Our little guy is 7 months now and is such a joy! He is the happiest little guy, ever! He loves bath time and we love to let him play and explore his little world as we do our evening routine before bed. We do not bathe him every night, as he doesn’t need it […]

Packing your Van like a Pro

My husband hates it when I ask him to load the van for a trip. With six people in our family and a dog, we have a lot of bags and gear to load up. And did I mention that one of the 6 of us in a baby? If you have ever traveled with […]

Baseball Themed Adoption Finalization Celebration!

We officially finalized our adoption this month and were very excited to celebrate having that all behind us. I searched and searched for themes and came up with only ONE! How crazy is that? So I decided that we would make up our own! We went with the baseball theme! Thanks to Red Thread Photography, […]

Don’t Blink… DO NOT BLINK!

I am sitting here in complete denial. I try to avoid the inevitable and it’s here and NOW and I can not avoid it any longer. My oldest child is graduating 5th grade in a few days. I know it seems silly to even be sad about it… after all it’s my job to work […]

Restocking the Medicine Cabinet for Spring

The Pfizer Pediatric Platform products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own. #SickJustGotReal It’s officially spring here in Texas. The weather can not decide if it wants to be cold, hot, or stormy. We are always confused on what to wear as we have […]