Spring Break on a Budget with PogoPass

Buy a Pogopass! It has SOO many things to do and you only pay ONE price for all of it! Use coupon code: MYCRAZYSAVINGS to save 60% off! (Jump places, Climbing places, Zoo, Bowling, Aquariums, Museums and so much more!) They now offer two options! You can get a Basic or a Standard pass! Basic […]

Notebook Doodles for Tween Girls

My tween girls love to journal and when I was asked to check out these Notebook Doodles, I knew my girls would go nuts over them. With their gel pens and flair pens that they have hoarded up over their last few birthdays and holidays, they have been working to personalize their journals over the […]

Holiday Gift Idea: iHealth Infrared No-Touch Thermometer

I love receiving practical gifts as I am a practical person. This gift idea is perfect for anyone really, but I think any new parent would LOVE it! The iHealth Infrared No-Touch Thermometer allows parents to take temperatures instantly…without touching (or waking) the sick child. This thermometer is quick too! It gives the temp within […]

Personalized Ornaments from Ornaments with Love

Christmas is coming quickly! In fact it’s NEXT MONTH! With Thanksgiving next week, I am starting to really my thoughts on Christmas. Each year, I try to find an ornament that represents what my kids are really into that year. It’s fairly easy for my big kids as they are are into sports, gymnastics and […]

Save Big with Sam’s Club New Moms

While I have partnered with Savings.com and Sam’s Club to bring you this post, all opinions are my own and are honest. Finding my balance as a mom has been a 13 year journey for me. When we had just one baby, it wasn’t as difficult as we had two adults managing it all. Once […]

2018 Black Friday Ad Scans

Target Shopping Holiday Updates starting November 1st

If you are like me, you are already starting to pick up a few Christmas items here and there. The deals are starting to roll out and you want to snag them as you see them! Well Target is gearing up to help you save even more this holiday season! Here are two awesome details […]

2018 Gaylord ICE Coupon Code Savings

The holidays are coming quickly and you can buy (and save on) your Gaylord ICE! featuring ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer tickets now! Save 40% off ICE! Use coupon code SAVINGS and snag your tickets online here. This code is valid only for select dates and there are a limited number of tickets per date. Nov 9-20 Nov 26-29 Dec […]

2018 Black Friday Ads

BELK BEST BUY Costco JC Penneys Kohl’s Black Friday Office

Preschool Play with EduShapes

The big kids are back in school and my little guy is hurting for attention now! He misses them so much! This means mama is staying busy keeping him busy or he is begging for snacks every 10 minutes! I have been trying to find things that are hands on or things that are active […]