A Day in the Life of…

Have you even wondered what it would be like to step in the shoes of another person? Let me just say, you don’t want to wear my shoes! Most days are filled with carpool dutys! I swear I spend more hours in my van then not. It’s not horrible and I feel blessed that I […]

Disney adds Aladdin to their Animated Signature Collection

As Disney has done with several of their other classics, they have now added Aladdin to their Animated Signature Collection! What does this mean for you? Time to UPGRADE!! I love upgrading my copies! These signature collection versions come with special features! This is the 10th movie to be added! Want to know my favorite […]

Disney’s Aladdin in Live Action is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital

My family loves Disney movies and could not wait to watch Aladdin in live action with Will Smith starring as Genie when we heard it was hitting the theaters! We have really enjoyed watching how Disney has brought to life each of their classics these past few years this one did not disappoint! Will is […]

My Dream Dishwasher: Bosch AutoAir™ Bosch 500 Series

I have a larger family. When I cook a meal for my family, we easily fill our dishwasher and often times have over flow dishes that don’t fit.  It’s frustrating, especially because I never want to run our dishwasher while we are awake because it’s so loud. We have an open concept house and our […]

Make Money Booking and Recommending Hotels!

Take A Bed is a new app that launched in May that allows anyone to have the power of a travel agent in their pocket. As a user you have access to wholesale hotel pricing (which cannot be advertised publicly, just like those “name your own price” rates) which usually ALWAYS beats out the big […]

Little Boys Love Big Trucks

What is it about big trucks that little boys love? I have a three year old who loves them. We don’t personally own one, but he is LOVES them. When driving down the road, he points them out and tells me to “race them!” He seems drawn to them. So I decided to ask him […]

100% Online Experience Car Shopping

You can do so much of your shopping online now, so why not buy your next car online? I am not just talking about researching the make, model, and features of the next vehicle that you will buy, but actually purchasing your next ride! Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not! Lustine […]

Three Ways to Enjoy that New Car Smell Today!

There are three ways that you can enjoy that new car smell today… or any day actually! I don’t know why but it’s such an inviting smell…and especially if you have sweaty teens or a stinky three year old living in your house! I’ve put in some research and found three ways that are pretty […]

What is Certified Pre-Owned when it comes to buying a Used Car?

I haven’t owned many “new” cars in my life… in fact I have only owned two. One, my hubby and I purchased when we traded in two vehicles as newly marrieds, and the other I won thru a sweepstakes with American Idol. I have found that buying used works great for my family as we […]

Cars on Market, One Stop Shop for Used Cars

I love the idea of a one stop shop for used cars! Cars on Market is just that! You can find pretty much any make/model at Cars on Market. I love that they don’t have just one make on site! I also like that you can see what they currently have on site by checking […]