The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar on DVD (+ Giveaway)

If you love The Lion King, then you might enjoy watching The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. If you recall from The Lion King, Scar is the uncle of Simba, or Mufasa’s brother. ¬†With the arrival of the Dry Season, tensions run high, patience wears thin and thirsty tempers flare.¬† To make matters worse, […]

Sleep Peacefully with Temp Traq

The flu is out of control this year. I have no idea why it’s spreading so rapidly but it is. The high fevers scare me the most. Thankfully, my family has not experienced it yet. (I pray we don’t and we are washing hands NON STOP in hopes of preventing it!) When littles are sick, […]

FREE: Get your Snail Mail Scanned each day

I love knowing what I am going to be getting in my mailbox each day… like snail mail. I don’t want to miss out on things and when I am expecting something important I like to know when it is coming! (Think checks, packages, etc!) I learned about an awesome service that the USPS offers […]

Apps that I am Using and Loving this month

I thought that it might be fun to talk about Apps that I am using and loving this month! I have SOO many on my phone but as you know (if you have a smart phone) you only keep the ones that truly benefit you as they take up precious space that could be used […]

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a restful holiday and enjoyed a few days off to relax and spend time with your family and friends these past few weeks! As you know, I am mother to four amazing kiddos and also foster newborns. It has been a very busy last few weeks for me, but as of […]

Winter Driving Tips from Kindle Auto Plaza

Living in Texas, we don’t see many crazy road conditions. When I lived in St Louis, I had to learn how to drive in snow, ice, and slushy road conditions. I recall one winter when we parked on our icy driveway, went to run errands in the other car and came back to our car […]

Special Programs at Kindle Dodge

Being a money saver is not job, it’s a lifestyle. I didn’t always know how to find deals and save money. It came out of necessity. We had just moved to Texas and I wanted to stay at home with my (then) three toddlers. I knew that money would be tight and needed to find […]

Spreading Pampers Cheer

I’m sitting here in tears typing this out. Completely, utterly, humbled. Today I had the honor of shopping for a family for Christmas. This family lives across town and is hurting this holiday season. A mutual friend shared with me how the dad lost his job and the mom stays home with their three young […]

Empowering Confidence Through Girls on the Run

I have partnered with P&G on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own and are honest. I truly love sharing about awesome partnerships like this! I have three daughters! I want them to have the richest, fullest lives that I can possibly give them. Chloe, Emma, and Maci are all beautiful, smart, intelligent young […]

Save time and money with Masterpass

I have partnered with Masterpass to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest. Okay I am all about using things that make my life easier! I love the mobile world we are in and how I can do so much from my phone! It wasn’t until recently that I learned about […]