Disney’s Pinocchio now on Bluray and Digital HD

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? My girls have been well versed in the princess movies and it’s so fun to reintroduce them to some of the classics! I consider Pinocchio a classic! I love this movie for many reasons but mostly because it’s a movie that I can connect with on a personal […]

Fresh Monster Hair Care for Kids

I have four kids…and they all have VERY different hair textures. One has partially curly hair like mine, one has very thick wavy hair, one has board straight silky hair, and the last has super tight curls. Finding products that work for all of my littles isn’s always easy! My middle two kiddos are in […]

PowerGear Sport: Gift for the tech lover in your life

If you have a hard time buying for the tech lover in your family…then you will like this gift idea! It’s practical and something that they will love (and use often!) It’s easy to keep wearables charged day and night with the all new PowerGear Sport. Plud in the wearable charging cord into the USB port […]

New Moviehouse & Eatery

Tuesday after school, I was blessed to be able to escape the online vomit that was taking place as it was Election day! I knew that heading to a movie theater would be the perfect escape! We have watched the Moviehouse & Eatery go up all summer and were very excited to check it out […]

Adorable Baby Bibs from Twigs & Co.

I was recently contacted by Twigs & Co. to review their adorable, US-made baby bibs! After one click to their website, I knew I was in! My little guy is teething and the drool is unending! His shirts are soaked within minutes of putting them on. With cooler temps coming, I wanted to protect him […]

Protecting my Baby with SwimZip

SwimZip has adorable zip up swim suits that are perfect for little ones. We recently went to the beach and I loved how SwimZip protected his skin from the harsh sun. The SPF 50+ full zipper rash guards are perfect for babies! It’s difficult to get him to sit or lay still while trying to pull […]

Super Wubble Fun

My girls have been begging me for a few years now for a Super Wubble. The day finally arrived and they can’t get enough of it! I was most excited to see how our little guy would respond! I envisioned that it would be flimsy and pop easily but that is not the case at all. […]

Pumpkin Praline Coffee fueling my mornings

I am a coffee drinker. I am also a Pumpkin lover! It was a no-brainer when Community Coffee asked if they could send me some Pumpkin Praline coffee to review! They have three new flavors out this fall and I am big fan of all of them! Of course, when they arrived, I went all […]

Babytime! Mighty Shield Bug Repellent for Babies

It’s softball season again and we are spending a ton of time at the ball friends with two of our kiddos. With four practices a week and now games, we camp there some evenings for hours at a time. With a baby in tow, we have been concerned about what bug repellent would be safe […]

Review: Blade and Rose Holiday Collection

Christmas feels like a long ways away to some, but it’s truly not that far away. Once school starts our schedules pick up and I feel like it’s here before we know it! Adding a little guy this year, I feel like time is really moving quickly! I love Christmas and all things festive and […]