ENDED: Getting Organized to go Back to School (+ Giveaway!)

I have partnered with Wall Pops to show you a fun way to get organized for Back to School! Plus they are providing a giveaway! All opinions are mine and are honest.


I have a space in my house that I like to keep all things school related. We try really hard to keep everything contained to that area! I have also this year, added a calendar to help keep us moving in the right direction and on the same page! With three kids, a husband who travels and my PTA and Gym schedule, I need to SEE what we have going on each day. My kids also enjoy seeing what we have planned.

To organize this space as a Back to School area:

I bought cheap hooks at Hobby Lobby for the girls. I found ones that had each kids initials on them. They know that this is where their backpacks must hang each night. All homework and books must stay in them as well. I have found that having a “home” for items makes me feel much more organized.


I was sent the Black Wall Pop Calendar to check out and we love it! It fits great on the back of our garage door and we can easily add to the schedule or erase off what is no longer needed.

We have our key hook on the last wall as a great place to keep them handy to grab just before we leave.


With school starting in a few short weeks, Wall Pops thought it would be fun to partner with me to giveaway one of these calendars as seen above to one of my readers! Leave a comment on this blog post telling us where you would put the Wall Pop and how it would help your family. Giveaway ends on 8/15 at 5PM CST.


How do you organize your coupons?

Everyone has a different way to organize their coupons! I have tried a few different methods and have found that for me the accordion style coupon holder works best! My friend Janel, from Good Deal Mama has a whole post about organizing with a Coupon Binder. If you want to check out her method, you can read her post about Coupon Binder organizing here.

Facebook Guilt…

Do you know what I am talking about? I was chatting with my sister on the phone today and we decided that it was a real thing. People are letting Facebook make them feel guilty! If you have no clue what I am talking about then you might not be on Facebook! The Facebook guilt comes from not telling your “friends” happy Birthday on their birthday, or from not replying to a message or comment left on your wall. Facebook guilt also comes from “defriending” people or blocking them all together. It’s silly, I agree…because honestly…do we need another thing to feel guilty about? NO! Within the past few months I have hidden “friends” on Facebook and even defriended and blocked people. It’s not a popularity contest…and I don’t need 15,000 friends on Facebook to feel good about myself…simple as that. I have made great connections with new friends, readers, and family on Facebook and love it for that…but I REFUSE to feel guilty any longer for cutting the fat out of my life! Are you with me? Here is a quick “how to” on unfriending or unliking a page.

To unfriend someone, simply go to their page, look in the left colum at the bottom and click on “unfriend”

To unlike a business page, simply go to a post on Facebook…slide your mouse over from their name and an X will pop up…click on it and choose to “unlike”

I think sometimes we add too much to our lives and it drowns out the things (or people) who are important to us. I will be posting on how to slow down the junk mail in the next few days…simplifying is the key…it adds more time in our day!

What kind of couponer are you?

Okay, so I’ve been couponing for a good long while and have tried about every method around to organize my coupons. I recently decided that I would like to try a Couponizer and as you can see above…it’s not for my kind of couponing. Bummer, I was so excited to get it!

Why is it that this method does NOT work for me? Well, I like to have ALL of my coupons with me when I go out and about. I think the Couponizer is set up for those who want to make a list and organize their couponsbased on that one trip. I am always finding deals on clearance and would hate to not be able to use my coupons on that item! I tried two shopping trips with the Couponizer and was just not happy with that style of organizing.

Now with all of that said, here is why this method might be good for you. If you are just getting started or stick strictly to a shopping list, this can be a very useful tool for you. I love that it’s divided by category or isle that you might be shopping on. I love that it’s got a pocket upfront to hold the coupons that you are using at check out. And I love that it comes with a clear bag that you can pop it down into when you are not actively using it. If you want to order a Couponizer, use coupon code DOTTEDLINE25 to get it for just $14.97

How do you organize your coupons?