Facebook Guilt…

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Do you know what I am talking about? I was chatting with my sister on the phone today and we decided that it was a real thing. People are letting Facebook make them feel guilty! If you have no clue what I am talking about then you might not be on Facebook! The Facebook guilt comes from not telling your “friends” happy Birthday on their birthday, or from not replying to a message or comment left on your wall. Facebook guilt also comes from “defriending” people or blocking them all together. It’s silly, I agree…because honestly…do we need another thing to feel guilty about? NO! Within the past few months I have hidden “friends” on Facebook and even defriended and blocked people. It’s not a popularity contest…and I don’t need 15,000 friends on Facebook to feel good about myself…simple as that. I have made great connections with new friends, readers, and family on Facebook and love it for that…but I REFUSE to feel guilty any longer for cutting the fat out of my life! Are you with me? Here is a quick “how to” on unfriending or unliking a page.

To unfriend someone, simply go to their page, look in the left colum at the bottom and click on “unfriend”

To unlike a business page, simply go to a post on Facebook…slide your mouse over from their name and an X will pop up…click on it and choose to “unlike”

I think sometimes we add too much to our lives and it drowns out the things (or people) who are important to us. I will be posting on how to slow down the junk mail in the next few days…simplifying is the key…it adds more time in our day!

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  1. With all the talk about bloggers getting blocked as “spam” I have felt guilty about hiding posts. 🙁 I want to “like” all the blogs I follow, but I can’t look at ALL their posts ALL the time and still keep up with my friends and family (they get lost in the chatter). But I also don’t want to “unlike” them OR risk them being marked as “spam”…you are SO right about the guilt!!!

    On another note, my nephew was very sick recently and I didn’t know much about it because the details were broadcast on Facebook and not shared in any other way. I had friends in town stopping me to ask how my nephew was doing and I DIDN’T KNOW!!…all because I wasn’t checking Facebook often enough.


  2. Allison A. says:

    Well now, you KNOW I love this post! Frankly, life only got easier for me once I COMPLETELY deleted my account. Too bad that there are certain FB deals you have to have an account to take advantage of…wish someone would do something about that.

  3. I Googled Facebook guilt just to see if anyone else was feeling the same way. I too have found some good old friends on the site. I also have been invited to bars and outings to hook up with old high school friends, I never went to any of them and the next day while on Facebook everyone who showed up was saying, missed you again or, guess we we’ll see you next time, really wished you were there. I mean come on, there is probably a reason we lost touch after high school and didn’t keep in contact!!! I have friends that tell everyone every single thing that happened to them everyday, it is pathetic!!! I am beginning to believe that facebook is for socially insecure people. I have a facebook addicted friend who comes to my house and gets on the site, very rude. What happened to talking to people face to face??? This is the end of society as we know it!

  4. i just blocked 3 people i just dont like and i felt guilty about it!

    so thanks for this post

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