Planning Fall Birthdays… Book NOW!

Planning Fall Birthday can feel stressful. The weather is such an unknown… at least here in Texas. I am a November baby and never had an outdoor birthday party growing up and so I understand the struggle. I am so thankful that today there are SO SO SO many options for indoor birthday fun. Last […]

A Day in the Life of…

Have you even wondered what it would be like to step in the shoes of another person? Let me just say, you don’t want to wear my shoes! Most days are filled with carpool dutys! I swear I spend more hours in my van then not. It’s not horrible and I feel blessed that I […]

Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money Management

If you think your children are too young to teach money management to, then you are mistaken. The best time to let them know about financial matters is at an early age. And no, you don’t have to teach them the more complicated aspects of finance. What they need to know about are its fundamentals […]

Why We Love Aqua Kids Swim School and You Will Too!

Summer is flying by and I am sad that in a few weeks the kids will be back in school. Ours has not be wasted though. We have spent countless hours making memories in the swimming pool, exploring parks, taking trips and the kids have been sharpening their skills at sports camps. This summer has […]

AquaKids Mckinney Swim Camps

There are so many camps to choose from…but not many that are LIFE saving! AquaKids Mckinney offers Swim Camps! They are Monday-Friday camps that last 2 weeks long. They are 30 minutes long and are only $220! This is a great way to get your child repetition in the pool and build (or rebuild) their […]

How to Enjoy a Summer with No Regrets

Summer is coming fast! My kids only have 8 days of school left! Texas is heating up and our subdivision pools are already open! I love the turn of the season and having my kids home. We get to spend more time together as a family and I get to enjoy learning more about what […]

Five Tips for Traveling with Pets

My bestie is a pet lover! She has had so many different pets in her house over the past few years. Dogs, cats, a rabbit, hedge hog, and even two guinea pigs. That girl would have a farm if she had the space for it. I actually think it’s in her plans for the future. […]

Finding the “Why”

Do you find yourself unmotivated at times? How do you motivate yourself? I’ve asked myself that question a lot over the years. Finding the “why” I want to restart is always the hardest part. I have found that if I can narrow down and get to the bottom of the “why” then I can fight […]

Products I love for Detangling Long Hair

*This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, if you click on them and make a purchase you will be supporting my site and I will make a small commission from your purchase! Thank you! <3 I have three girls… all with long(ish) hair. One has somewhat curly hair, like me. Thankfully she is my oldest and […]

March Madness and Things That we are Loving Updates

February was a crazy month in our family. It came with some highs and lows. I was able to take a girls trip to Vegas with my best friend to see George Strait and it was a weekend to remember. We enjoyed Hell’s Kitchen, the sensory overload of the strip, and singing our hearts out […]