Upcycled Chick-fil-A Containers for Sensory Baby Play

Anyone that knows me knows that my family LOVES Chick-fil-A! We go at least once a week, and often times more! They know us by name and we have made some precious friendships with a few of the hostess ladies. When I know they have something personal going on, I want to check up on […]

National Random Acts of Kindness Day

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is today(Feb. 17)! I have a love hate relationship with us actually having a day like this. I wish we could do this EVERY day!  I love opportunities to involve my kids in paying it forward and doing kind things for others! In honor of today, UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation […]

Tooth Fairy Tips to help create magic and make memories

With four kiddos in my house, I feel like we are constantly enjoying the fun that the Tooth Fairy brings! She comes with the kids lose a tooth, at Halloween to take the bad candy and again at Valentine’s Day if needed. She cares deeply about their teeth! Below you will find some tips for […]

Send your Sweetheart a FREE Snuggle Serenade

I love Valentine’s day! I love that it’s a day the world focuses on LOVE, not hate! I love that I get to spoil my hubby and kids with treats and pour on my love for them in fun ways! This year Snuggle is offering a fun way to do just this! Send a Snuggle […]

Joy comes through Mourning

Over my 37 years of live I have experienced several losses. Some small and many great. It never gets easier. When I was a small child, I remember my mom mourning the loss of her great grandfather. I knew the man, but the loss didn’t feel so personal as I was much too young to […]

Pay it Forward with Medieval Times (+ Recipe for Tomato Bisque Soup!)

The Medieval Times castle in Dallas is celebrating their 25th anniversary! During January-February, as part of their Chivalry in Action campaign, they will be collecting non-perishable food items and donating them to Dallas Life.  With each donation, castle patrons will receive a discount to see an upcoming performance.  I love pay it forward opportunities like this! […]

Sleeping Peacefully with Pampers Swaddlers Over Night Diapers

I am Pampers Baby Board blogger and occasionally I get to try new products for free. This post is my opinion, and not paid. Sleep is something that new moms (day) dream about. This past year, with a new baby in our home, I learned the value of getting a peaceful nights rest. In fact, […]

Celebrating the Double Digits

My second born child, Emma, is turning 10 this week! She will officially be in the double digits! I am so excited to celebrate her special day but also so sad that she is now consider a tween! Emma is my sweet breath of fresh air! She is so beautiful on the inside and out! […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s been a busy last few weeks here at our house! (Photo of my cuties up above!) We enjoyed Christmas with family, traveled to San Antonio to play at Sea World and around town, and enjoyed just being lazy this past weekend! Kids are back at school today, hubby is back to […]

Softball Mom Hack

If your kids are like mine and are playing softball (or baseball) twice a year, you probably have had to deal with the dreaded dirt or grass stains! At first I thought the best way to treat this was a stain stick or spray. When this didn’t work, I wondered why on earth coaches would […]