Birthday Fun at Alpha Omega Gymnastics

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I have one of the most active little boys in town…or at least that is what I tell myself. After having three girls, I definitely think he has enough energy to fuel the city… for month. I love that little guy so much and knew he needed a birthday party that would allow him to run, jump, climb and do all things boy! ┬áThis year was a little harder in finding the right spot as his birthday falls near Thanksgiving. I decided to reach out to a newer gym in town that looked like fun.

I have partnered with Alpha Omega Gymnastics to make Nathan’s 4th birthday party one of the best yet. They were so easy to work with. They have an easy online form where you can check your desired party date and reserve online. When we arrived for our 3PM party, two coaches were waiting to help us set up. They took our decor and set it up for us, asking what else they could do to be helpful. They even gave the birthday boy a coloring sheet to help keep him busy for the 10 minutes that we needed to get all set up and ready.

When the guests started arriving, they asked them to sign in and then proceed to the gym floor. Sam, one of the coaches, did the majority of the party! He played with the kids and gave them fun things to do. They loved the “ninja course” and did that for a bit before he moved them onto the next activity. When “free play” came towards the end, both him and Hannah walked around making sure the kids were safe and having fun. I did not have to do a thing! I was free to take pictures and chat with the other parents. It was so low stress and so high fun for the kids.

They played hard for an hour before Sam had them come back to the large mat where he could wish Nathan a Happy Birthday!

We then moved the kids over to the party table to enjoy cupcakes and cake pops. Both coaches were quick to pass out the kids snacks and get them seated. It was super stress-free for me! Once everyone had a drink and treat, we lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday to Nathan!

When the party was wrapping up, they gave every kid a balloon on their way out. Nathan got several balloons and they helped us load up his gifts. We did not have to do any of the clean up. If you are looking for a fun, stress free party for your little one, Alpha Omega Gymnastics is the place for you.

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