His car vs Her car

I don’t know how it works out but we definitely have a his and hers cars in our house. We both went shopping for both and both agreed on both purchases but we just have our preferences. When we went to get what my hubby is currently driving, we knew we needed it big enough […]

Buying your child their 1st car

Steve and I have talked a lot about how we will be able to afford buying our children their first car. He had to buy his own first car and I was blessed by my great grandparents with mine. He got to pick out what he wanted and worked hard to make payments on it. […]

Buying vs Leasing

I have never really been able to wrap my brain around why people lease vehicles instead of buying them. I suppose they like getting something new every few years or not having to worry about certain things that come with ownership, but it just hasn’t made sense for me. I love the thought of owning […]

Fix it or Forget it?

There comes a time in the life of a vehicle that you must make the decision to either have it fixed or forget it and trade it in. This isn’t always an easy choice. We have had cars that were paid for that we were going to drive until they absolutely died on the side […]

To garage or not to garage…

We have a two car garage with a little extra bonus space on the side. Ideally, I would love to have both of our cars in there…but it’s impossible. We have too much stuff to make it all work. We have sports equipment, lawn equipment, bikes, wagons, tools, Christmas tree, and our two large trash […]

Traveling with Pets

It’s not often that we go on trips and leave our dog behind. She has become like one of the family and the thought of leaving her at home by herself (even with a pet sitter to feed her!) makes us sad. We worry about her when we are out and about too long. She […]

Van: Most Wanted List

When we decided we wanted to shop for a van, we had a few things in mind. We wanted the body of the van to look a certain way. We weren’t super picky about the color of the exterior but didn’t want a crazy color. ¬†We wanted the price to be less then $30K, for […]

Dreaming about the Future

Someday, I won’t have a minivan, I won’t need a minivan. Thinking about that has me an emotional mess. I love my kids so much and the thought of not having them all with me everywhere I go makes me sad. Then I remember what it was like when I was in my early twenties […]

Planing for the Unexpected on Car Trips

It’s rare, but sometimes one of my kids gets car sick on long trips. I have learned over the years that it’s been to expect that it will happen and be over prepared then to not be prepared and have a huge mess on my hands. Before we start our journey, I always have each […]

Pushing myself further with Polar A300 Fitness tracker

January is usually a month where people refocus and refine their eating and work out schedule. I know I always do! I lose weight great in January when all of my friends and family are trying hard with me and holding me accountable. However, something happens when February rolls around. Everyone loosens their diet and […]