Save Time and Money with HP Instant Ink (3 Months FREE!)

I LOVE my HP Printer! It is wireless and took less then 3 minutes to set up! I can print from my Macbook, iphone, ipads or even straight from an email address! How awesome is that? Another thing that I LOVE about my HP Printer is that it came with 3 months of FREE ink! […]

Backyard BBQ tips

There is nothing better then a yummy Backyard BBQ on a cool summer night! I love hanging out with friends and family over some good eats! My friends at Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) has some Backyard BBQ tips that will ensure your smile is always looking clean, even after a BBQ. Take advantage of the veggie […]

Laundry Day with Biz

With six people in my household, we have tons of laundry! I feel like I am constantly in the laundry room flipping loads. Thankfully, my kids have gotten pretty good about sorting whites and colors but occasionally they put things in the wrong basket. With four kids, I don’t always have the extra time to […]

Pray for Dallas

Please pray for Dallas! Horrible senseless shootings, leaving 4 dead. My heart is broken, hurting for those families who won’t get their last goodbye. I am praying for healing for Dallas, and more importantly for our Nation. So much hurt, so much anger. Praying for God’s peace and comfort to cover us all during this […]

Rock the Border Live Music and Specials

On The Border is one of my favorite restaurants! No matter where we are traveling, I know if I eat there I will have the same yummy flavors of “home!”  This summer they have some fun that you might want to check out Rock The Border with live events and deals on Estrella Jalisco & Guac through 07/31/16! […]

Flying First Class for Free or Less: Using Your Frequent Flyer Points, Smiles and Miles

We all hope for a free upgrade when we travel and while this was more common in days gone by, there are still a few ways that we can clinch those illustrious business-class seats. According to, a fifth of travelers have been provided with an upgrade over the last two years, but just how […]

Replacing parts on you Chrysler

I love my Town and Country! Like will drive it until it dies, love it! I think it will out last a few of the interior items, such as the floor mats or key fobs! I love that there are sites such as CDJR Mopar Parts that allow me to order exactly what I want and […]

Hand Wash vs Car Wash

We live in a drive thru society! You can do so much from the drivers seat of your car! You can order food or a drink, pick up medicine, do bank transactions, and so much more! It’s no surprise that you can now even pay for a car wash and enjoy watching your car get […]

The 411 on Trim Packages

If you are anything like me then you have NO clue what EX, LS, Sport mean when buying a car. It can be very confusing. Basically it is the level of trim package that each vehicle has. Here is the best way I know to describe it: So a Chrysler Town and Country comes in: […]

Dreams of the Future: Driving a BMW

Have you ever wanted to live life in the fast lane? I feel like there are days that drag on and then there are days that are over before they start! Probably having four kids has created this intense feeling of time warp. Some day when things slow down a bit, hubby and I want […]