Texas BBQ in Lewisville @SmokinJsBBQTX (+ Deals)


I got to check out Smokin J’s BBQ in Lewisville and it was tasty. They are offering all MyCRAZYSavings.com readers 25% off ALL purchases through closing tomorrow! If you are in the area and want to try it… make sure to mention my blog to get the deal. (Good thru 5/16/2014)

They also offer a punch card each time you dine in they punch. Once you’ve been 10 times (and got the punches) you will get $10 off your 11th purchase! On Tuesdays, they offer TWO punches instead of one. Sundays they offer kids eat FREE with the purchase of an adult meal.

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well!

Smokin J’s BBQ is located at 1565 W. Main St. Ste 124 in Lewisville, Texas 75067

Spring Clean and Pay it Forward with Pampers #PampersWipes

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 10.27.35 PM


I posted last week about how I’ve been spring cleaning. As part of my spring cleaning, I’ve been making piles upon piles of items to donate. I love the feeling of clearing out, paring down, and simplifying. Once my pile gets sizable my hubby wants it GONE! We have a great place to donate near us, called Frisco Family Services. They help families in many ways. The biggest way they help is their food pantry. The donated items from us go to a resale where the money made will help keep the food pantry going.

One of the biggest needs in the food pantry is diapers and wipes! Pampers so generously helped Frisco Family Services out with a donation of diapers and wipes. I was so excited to be a part of this special blessing.

As you are spring cleaning your house, make sure you are donating to a place that can help pay it forward and help others! If you have extra money to bless others with, please consider buying #PampersWipes and donating them. They are great for babies, toddlers, and just everyday house hold cleanliness. You can find their address on their website and have an order from Amazon sent straight to them!

*Thank you Pampers for sending this special gift in my honor as a Pampers Baby Board Member.  All opinions are my own and are honest.

Excursion Fun and Paying it Forward on Liberty of the Seas #SeasTheDay


While on board Liberty of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, with 39 other awesome bloggers, I enjoyed one adventure after adventure!  I climbed the rock wall twice, surfed the FlowRider and enjoyed paying it forward with the Walk for Wishes, among lots of other things.

Walk for Wishes is a fundraiser that Royal Caribbean hosts each sailing on every ship in the fleet to raise money for Make-A-Wish®. You donate $10 and receive a free t-shirt that you can wear while walking a mile at sea to show support for Make-A-Wish. All the proceeds are donated to Make-A-Wish to help grant wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. I love this about cruises! I always do it and know that my money is going to a great cause.

On our excursion in Cozumel on this trip, I choose to do the dolphin swim! I didn’t know what to expect but knew that I would LOVE it. It was $105 and I booked it through the ship. I do not recommend booking excursions on your own outside of what the ship offers as they will not guarantee to wait for you if you miss boarding in time…plus they only book well known/liked excursions. We were shuttled to a spot on the island where we were broken up into smaller groups. We then went out to the pier and got in the water with the Dolphin! No cameras were allowed…which was a BIG bummer. We got to touch, swim with and be pushed by a dolphin. It was awesome! They had a professional photographer there and he took all of the photos that you could want. The photos were very pricey, at $39 for ONE photo. Although I loved seeing them, I couldn’t justify that price and made a deal with myself to keep that mental photo (and memory) well filed for a great story sometime in the future.

After the dolphin interaction, we got to pet a manatee. He was HUGE. We then got out of the water and cleaned up. We enjoyed a light snack of guac (which was fabulous) and a Light Coke…which is what we would call a Diet Coke. We walked down the beach some and had the option to kayak or snorkel for a fee…we opted not to. We passed a hair braiding and Henna tattoo artist. We thought about it but kept on walking. We stopped for a fun fruity drink in a coconut. It was so big…four of us split it. We took some fun picts on the beach and then slipped into the crystal clear waters to soak in some fun in the sun. I had my under water camera and was able to snap a few great shots of fish.

On our way back to the taxi we stopped and bargained for a Henna Tattoo. He wanted $25 for one, we got him down to $10. It lasted two weeks before washing off…and I liked having something different on my foot. (Makes me want to get a real one…)

They had a few pool areas but we didn’t enjoy any of those. Near the spot we were meeting for our ride back there were shops. We were given FREE dolphin earrings and charms for necklaces. Yes, completely free.

Once back to the port, we shopped around a little. Most places would bargain with you. I only bought real vanilla with vanilla beans in them. I think their vanilla is much cheaper then ours and it’s stronger too. It’s fairly common to find at the port. My friend Dawn got a $1 Corona and thought that was a steal.

We were wiped out that night. Port days can be full of adventure or you can choose to stay on the ship and relax. It’s much more quiet on board on those days, and I believe Spa treatments are much cheaper too.

My only regret (as far as adventure) is that I did not check out the boxing rink. I saw it, but never went back to see what, when or how they use it on board. I would have loved boxing a little I think.

*This Royal Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel was part of a Press Trip on behalf of Brandfluential and Royal Caribbean International. All experiences and opinions mine and are honest.

Giveaway: $3,000 in Home Depot gift cards! Enter to win!


Savings.com and Home Depot are giving away $3,000 worth of gift cards and it’s easy to win! You can enter once a day and 150 people will win!!

From now until Wednesday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM EST Savings.com and Home Depot will be giving away $1,000 in gift cards each day! Winners will receive a $20 Home Depot gift card.

Save $10 off of a $100 purchase as well! This is a great deal for those who have a few spring projects to tackle! Use coupon code: SPRINGHD at checkout.

To enter the giveaway, visit the Home Depot page on Savings.com!

Pay it Forward and Bless Teachers at Office Depot #TeachersChangeLives #CGC


I have a special place in my heart for teachers! I remember my 1st grade teacher with great joy. She was very patient with me and loving when I flat tipped my markers and squeezed my glue too tightly. She taught me how to read and how to be a great friend. I am friends with her on Facebook now and she’s truly a special lady to me. My girls have had a few teachers who have gone above and beyond as well. In fact, one of my girls has a teacher currently that practically lives at the school. She has Facetimed with my daughter over Christmas break and gone out of her way to check in when things were stressful. She is constantly thinking about her students and how to help them learn and grow. She is truly a special lady. (My 3rd grader had her when she was in 1st and she still seeks her out to give her hugs!)

Brian Copes is a pre-engineering teacher at Calera High School. He pushes his students to shift their focus from themselves to others. Brian’s students make prosthetic limbs out of old car and bike parts, and even help make utility vehicles for people in Honduras. How cool is that? I want my kids to be challenged to think about others and how they can contribute and pay it forward.

#TeachersChange Lives – Thank You These students are proof. Watch the video above as students express how much their teachers mean to them.

How to Donate to the Teachers Change Lives Program

How to Register Your Classroom as a Teacher

  1. Go to Teachers Change Lives website (http://clvr.li/1emq4KF)
  2. Click on the red box that says “Register Your Classroom,” which will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website
  3. Follow the corresponding steps from there

Teachers spend money every year out of their own pocket, especially in underfunded areas. I know that my girls have had some quality teachers who pour unlimited amounts of time, emotional, physical and financial resources into their classrooms, and ultimately their students! This is one of the reasons that I am always happy to donate what they need when requested! Teachers are doing innovative things in the classroom and you can help them do more by donating.

Donate to the teacher highlighted in the video, or a teacher in your local community. Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with teachers to enhance the learning environment for students. Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom have partnered to raise awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of their students. Spoil them as they spoil your babies!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Review: Father of the year? Check out Delivery Man now on Blu-ray and DVD

If you are looking for a good heart-warming comedy, then you will want to check out Delivery Man. It came out on DVD March 25th and you can pick it up on Amazon for just $22.96 for the Blu-ray.

In this movie, David Wozniak (played by Vince Vaughn) donated to a fertility clinic to make money for a specific goal (which you will find out about later in the movie!) Fast forward twenty years and he finds out that he is father to hundreds kids thanks to this clinic… in fact 500 kids. 142 of these kiddos are suing to learn the identity of the donor.

David is putting off loan sharks and trying to turn this mess around. He works hard to learn more about his “kids” and help them…even if just for a day. As the story unfolds, your heart gets tugged more and more. This movie is great for both men and women. I loved the funny scenes that played up the reality of trying to find balance in parenthood.

Bonus Features include a blooper reel and a deleted scene. We love watching the bloopers! Full of laughs. See a deleted scene above.

I was sent this movie to review, all opinions are my own.

Plan a Trip to Stay and Play at Moody Gardens


Are you looking for a fun get away this spring? We needed a change in scenery and had heard great things about Moody Gardens…so we booked our Spring Break trip to Galveston and got our play (and relax) on!

Moody Gardens offers FREE parking, but you can Valet if you prefer. When we checked in, which was a super quick and easy process, our kids were given little goody bags with fun promotional items in them. We parked and walked to our room…then wondered around the property a bit. Our room was beautiful. I wanted to live there! So clean and beautifully designed. My kids LOVED the retractable curtains that worked via wall switch.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.54.02 PM

We checked out a few shows the first day. First we saw Rio in the 4D theater. My 5 yr old wasn’t sure about the water that shot out of the seats but I loved it. Then we went over to see JOURNEY TO THE SOUTH PACIFIC 3D. It was educational and I loved the 3D effects. We then went back over to the pool area to enjoy some of their FREE Kids activities. The girls got balloon animals, but opted to skip getting their faces painted as we wanted to head over for Smores by the pool. They provided everything we needed…fire included! My kids loved this.

We called it an early night after some indoor swimming so we could be well rested for the next day. We were treated to a turn down service…chocolates included. I didn’t tell my kids it was chocolate… I mean…three kids, two chocolates. I had to keep the peace…I enjoyed every bite!

The next morning, we got ready and off to the Aquarium we went. The girls loved finding and getting the stamps on each of their books through out the aquarium. The only thing we wish we could have seen was jelly fish. They probably had them and we missed them. My girls loved walking until the tunnel that had fish on EVERY side of it. It was really cool.

Off to check out the Real Pirates Exhibition. The line wasn’t super long and I liked that we had an opportunity for a family photo shoot. Once inside the Pirate Exhibit, we watched an educational movie about pirates. Then we were off to look and experience it. My oldest thought it was really neat. She really enjoyed getting to see “real” pirate treasure. I liked that we could take our time and move at our own pace on this one.

Once we left here, we went into the Rain forrest! We got to see all kinds of awesome birds and even got an up close and personal few minutes with a monkey! The kids loved that! It was starting to warm up outside, which means it was starting to warm up inside the pyramid as well. We journeyed outside for some fresh air and walked over to see the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat. We missed it by just a few minutes, but it was super windy and my girls wanted to get back inside, so we did.

We found several great spots for photo opts and took some photos then we were off to look for the fun Kids craft that was being offered for the afternoon. The girls got to make personalized bracelets! These crafts were so fun and we never had any problems finding the area that they were in. (It changed daily!)

There were a few areas under renovation and one is a zipline! I am sad that we missed that, and I know it will be a great addition. Overall we loved Moody Gardens. It’s a great, family friendly place to stay and play. You don’t have to leave for anything…everything you need is right there.

For pricing info and to find out more about Moody Gardens, click over to their website here.

*All opinions are my own and are honest. I was given day passes to enjoy all of the attractions and for the purposes of this review.

Duracell: #TrustYourPower Within, my interview with Superbowl Champ Derrick Coleman’s Mom

Did you get a chance to see the Duracell Super Bowl commercial starring Derrick Coleman? His story is very touching and he is a very inspiring athlete. Derrick is hearing impaired but it didn’t stop him from working hard and ultimately achieving his dream to plan in the NFL…and win the Superbowl! I had the chance to interview his mom, May, this past week and I think you will like what she had to say!

When you are done…watch the Superbowl Commercial and cast your vote for best Superbowl Commercial by clicking on the tap that pops up on the video!

Addressing the Yoga Craze in the UK: Top Tips for Beginners

With obesity now a major epidemic in both the U.S. and the UK, there is a growing emphasis on developed health and fitness within developing economies. A recent study supported this even further, with the suggestion that women who lift weights and practice yoga exercises regularly have a far lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is often considered to be a stepping stone towards obesity, so it is important that individual citizens adopt a more proactive approach to keeping fit.

A Beginners Guide to Yoga: 3 Important Steps

Yoga is a particularly effective tool in the fight against obesity, as it is low-intensity exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Consider the following steps towards understand yoga and becoming proficient: -

Take the Steps to Understand Yoga and its Purpose

As with any type of exercise, it is crucial that you understand its nature and purpose prior to becoming a practitioner. Yoga is an activity that has its roots in spirituality, and it is often used to created mental harmony in addition to improving flexibility, stamina and muscle strength. Yoga therefore has multiple potential purposes, and it is important to consider these and whether or not they are suitable for you. Having a strong understanding of yoga will also enable you to select a precise exercise regime that meets your physical needs.

Start Slowly and Develop your Fitness Levels

The next step is to start practising yoga, and the individual exercise that it comprises. It may be necessary to tailor your regime over time, however, as your physical needs change and you become a more advanced practitioner. It is therefore sensible to start slowly and manage your expectations, as this will enable you to choose the most suitable exercises and slowly develop your fitness levels over time.

Buy Suitable Clothing and Yoga Attire

There are a number of yoga exercises that have been designed to improve your conditioning and muscle strength, so certain work-outs will push your body to the limit. It is therefore important that you are comfortable while you exercise, and capable of performing a wide range of stretches, lunges and extreme movements. A good starting point is to invest in a range of high quality clothing and yoga attire, which can be sourced easily and affordably from online suppliers such as Yoga Mad.