Effective Ways to Save When Moving to Dallas

Moving to any city can be quite the feat. There are many challenges, bottlenecks, time constraints, and of course expenses. It can become very stressful due to these reasons, which is why it’s critical to find every possible way to make moving to a new place efficient and cost-effective – you want to be able to […]

New Vehicle Incentives at Neuwirth motors

There are so many dealerships out there that want your business. Gone is the family who drives by a dealership and spots what they want on the lot and purchases without researching and making sure they get the best deal! Most dealerships now offer different incentives to draw in new customers. Neuwirth Motors offers TOP […]

Cars on Market has Great Prices

Cars on Market has 330 used cars, trucks and SUVs on their lot! They have something for everyone. On the low end, you can even purchase vehicles less then $5000. Cars on Market is the used car dealer division of Neuwirth Motors. They offer a 48-Hour Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, […]

Shop Foss Motors from Home

You can buy so much from the comforts of your own home now, vehicles included. Foss Motors allows you to check out their virtual showroom easily online at your leisure. To access this feature, simply click over to Foss Motors and select shopping tolls then Virtual Showroom.  You will select which model you want to […]

Don Vance offers Military Bonus

Men and women who serve in the military are heros thru and thru. They often give up so much for our freedom. Some are away from their families more often then not, while fighting for our country. I am so beyond thankful for their service. I am not the only one who thinks Military servicemen/women […]

Happy Birthday DOSH!

I have partnered with Dosh to bring you this post! All opinions are my own and are honest!You can save AND earn with DOSH! First of all if you haven’t downloaded the FREE app, go here! Use the app to save money by connecting your credit card to the app, then when you spend…and you make money! It’s […]

Save on PreOwned at Atlantic Toyota NY

If you are in the market for a pre owned vehicle then you will love what Atlantic Toyota NY has to offer right now! First, they have everything outlined on their website. Second, they save you at the time of purchase, but they also offer ongoing savings for your first year of ownership. Last, they […]

3 Day/100 Mile Exchange at East Hill Subaru

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle, then you will love the deal that East Hill Subaru is offering right now! Ever bought a car and regretted it a few days later but felt stuck? You will not run into that at East Hill Subaru. They want to make sure that you LOVE […]

Special Programs at East Hill Jeep

It’s no secret that I love saving money and I love helping YOU save money! I haven’t found many things that you can NOT save money on, and this includes buying a car. There are always deals and savings before you ever walk into a dealership. Knowing what these are savings are or what each […]

Lifelock Saved me Again

Lifelock saved me a ton of stress again! I am so thankful to have Lifelock looking out for my identity protection! I recently received a call from a 1-800 number. I don’t answer those. They left a message. It was Lifelock. They detected fraud on my name and social. It was so refreshing to know […]