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My girls LOVE Veggie Tales and their newest Veggies in Space provides teachable moments to remind the little ones: when you have enough to spare, you have enough to share!


My girls LOVE this song…and I’m glad it’s in their heads…and now many it will be in their hearts as well!


In this Veggie Tales, Capt Cuke, Mr. Spork and the rest of the crew of the USS Applepies are sent on a mission to stop the evil space pirate, Luntar the Looter. Cuke & Spork, went undercover as “Tootany” tourists, and figure out that Luntar is a victim, desperately trying to save his planet from solar burst popcorn meteorites. When Luntar’s nephew decides to share his lunch with the crew, he gives Capt Cuke the idea that the Galactic Law of Finder’s Keepers may not be all its cracked up to be. This one is all about sharing!

Order Veggies in Space for just $9.96 on Amazon. This will be a fun 45 minute gift for your little ones…and they will learn a BIG lesson!


Want to win a copy of this DVD? Just leave a comment on this blog post with what you can share to make someone else life better. Hint: I plan to share my smile with strangers all day….something like that. Giveaway ends on 3/20 at 5PM CST

*I was sent this DVD for the purposes of this review and BigIdea is also providing the giveaway. 

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  1. I always wanted to buy the next cup of coffee, but I dont get by much these days. Picking up litter around the neighborhood on walks maybe?

  2. Jennifer G says:

    I share hugs, high fives, & lots of laughter by volunteering at my son’s school

  3. My daughter and I like to send cards to people.

  4. Araceli Kimberlin says:

    I make it a goal each day to show Christ’s love to others in whatever I do…a smile, a kind word, patience, etc. I do believe it makes someone else’s life better. And my son adores Veggie Tales!!

  5. Andrea D. says:

    I love to bake and give it to those who like it. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  6. Jessica Beard says:

    I care share my time to help neighbors and family with yard work.

  7. I plan to share more of my time with others!

  8. I donate the items I get using coupons to my local shelter. If you have enough to spare you have enough to share. ; )

  9. Suzie Williams says:

    We share our time serving others. We often volunteer for community and church events.

  10. I like to share God’s word and our testimonies with other people and encourage them to always trust in the Lord

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