Holiday Gift Idea: All-Pro Passer, Wubble Bubble,

My son loves sports… like it’s all he wants to do (besides eat!) He just turned 6 and craves constant activity! We think we have found our new “go to” birthday gift thanks to a fun review we got to do! (You do need to buy batteries for this gift!) The All Pro Passer is […]

Thankful for Walmart+

I am so thankful I learned about Walmart+. And just in time for the holidays. Our schedules fill up SOOO fast! I am loving two of the benefits of my Walmart+ account. The free delivery of groceries (orders $35 and up!) and free shipping online! Both are perfect for my busy family. My hubby likes […]

7 Requirements for Good Formwork: These Are Your Options

  Construction contractors turn to concrete for a variety of projects because they appreciate the material’s outstanding properties. Nevertheless, when using concrete, they must have a mold, known as formwork, to pour the material into. This mold comes in both temporary and permanent versions and holds the concrete in the correct shape until it hardens […]

Hamilton is back at Dallas Summer Musicals Nov 16-Dec 5th.

The long awaited Hamilton is finally back in town!!  Grab your tickets and head the Dallas Summer Musicals Nov 16-Dec 5th. I am going this week (and taking my oldest daughter!) and I can not wait! Read more about this incredible show here!

Parental Supervision: 5 Playground Safety Tips

Keeping children from harm these days means that you have to be fully aware of the different types of threats that they face from a mental and physical perspective. Children are obviously vulnerable as a result of their age and lack of awareness, which is why you need to be vigilant. Your worst nightmare would […]

Refreshing Your Home

)I love decorating my house for the Holidays but there are rooms that don’t really get that extra touch. I have learned that those are the rooms that I spend a lot of time in and sometimes need refreshing the most. My bathroom is one of those areas. I don’t know about you but I […]

Dino sized fun at Jurassic World The Exhibition

We have been hearing about Jurassic World The Exhibition for a while now and finally got to go explore it this past week. It did not disappoint. My crew, including three teen girls and my 5 yr old son loved every minute of it. The girls were interested in reading and learning more about dinosaurs […]

Back to School

What a year and a half we have had! Covid, quarantine, and all things “not normal!” My kids were so excited to go back to school this year. They were excited to see friends and start the school year off “normal” again. My older kids are all vaccinated, but we are still taking precautions to […]

Wubble Rumblers for the Win!

It’s been a long summer. We’ve traveled some, played a lot, swam alot and sadly chilled a lot in screens.  With four kiddos and their sports, camp, and work schedules, it has been tough to really do too much out and about with the hot Texas heat! My little guy has missed his friends a […]

What to Do if Your Child is Doing Drugs

Teen drug use and overdose deaths have seen a significant increase over the past decade, according to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCAS). The latest data indicates that about 1-in-8 teenagers misused an illicit substance in the past year. While teen drug use is less of an issue here in Texas compared to other states, […]