Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Spouse that Works from home

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Valentine’s Day is coming quickly and many are in stores trying to figure out the perfect gift to buy. Don’t even leave your home! No need! You can order this High Rise™ Height Adjustable Compact Electric Full Standing Desk online from the comfort of your own home. It’s a game changer and I promise you’ll see your love light up when it shows up!

Working from home has been a new way of life since Covid hit and if you are like me, you def don’t want to be sitting all day. The option to stand, or even slide a treadmil until the standing desk is a total game changer. My back and shoulders start hurting after sitting too long.

I haven’t had this stand up desk very long, but I can tell it’s going to be a back saver and give me flexibility in my work space!

Here are some features:
The compact 36” wide by 23.6” deep surface allows room for essentials such as a monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, a PC while still being small enough to fit in tight workspaces. A tabletop height range of 28.7”- 48.4” provides custom ergonomic settings for any person’s height. I love the adjustable settings, but the memory settings are PERFECTION! I can set it to my perfect height and it doesn’t matter what height my kids adjust it to…I can hit #1 and it will auto adjust to my perfect height! (There are four of these memory buttons!)


  • I was sent this desk in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and are honest.
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