Parental Supervision: 5 Playground Safety Tips

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Keeping children from harm these days means that you have to be fully aware of the different types of threats that they face from a mental and physical perspective. Children are obviously vulnerable as a result of their age and lack of awareness, which is why you need to be vigilant.

Your worst nightmare would be if something happened to your child or you found yourself involved in a misunderstanding or accusatory situation where you needed the help of discerning sex crime attorneys to resolve a very difficult situation.

Let’s focus on one area of their safety that you can control if you have the right level of awareness, helping them to play safely in the playground.

Playing by the rules

First and foremost, every good play environment designed for children will have a set of rules that all kids and parents are expected to observe and adhere to.

The playground is full of children of different ages and abilities. That means younger children may be tempted to experiment and try things that they see older children doing. 

Although you want to encourage your child to develop new skills and enjoy their time in the playground it is important you observe the safety rules displayed and make them aware of the need to observe age restrictions posted for certain items of equipment that are age-appropriate.

Make sure you check the playground yourself

You can’t expect your kids to be on the lookout for dangerous things such as broken glass or faulty equipment in the playground.

Before you let them loose in the playground it is always a good idea to cast your adult eye over the environment to check that everything is as it should be.

The right clothes

Another key parental responsibility is to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for playing safely.

It is wise to remember that the type of clothes your child wears in the playground can often have a direct bearing on how safe they are while playing. Items of jewelry should be removed and clothes that have drawstrings, such as hoodies, can easily get tangled in the equipment.

Also, make sure they have the right footwear so that they can run and climb without slipping or tripping.

What’s the weather like?

Most kids aren’t that bothered about the weather and even if it’s raining they might be happy to run around the playground and have a good time.

However, one of your parental responsibilities is to be mindful of the weather and take precautions according to the conditions. If it is really hot, they will need sun protection and if it is wet the play equipment could quickly become very slippery and dangerous.

Have a conversation with your children

It is always a good idea to have a conversation with your child about different aspects of safety. 

It is not just about pointing out the physical dangers of the playground but the need to be wary of strangers approaching them or inappropriate behaviors that they need to bring to your attention if they are worried or unsure in any way.

Follow these basic but highly relevant playground safety rules and it should ensure that your child has a safe and positive experience.


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