Regression and Swim Lessons

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Coming out of Quarantine was rough for many reasons. My family didn’t realize the craziness that we had built in our lives until it was force-stopped. As we have slowly evaluated and started adding a few things back here and there, I have really been thinking thru the “why” on each activity we are adding back. Sometimes, I look back and wonder how on earth we survived the pre-Covid busyness. It was out of control.

One of the only things we have added back for our 4 yr old is swim lessons. We actually started back as quickly as they reopened. This isn’t just a recreational activity, it’s a life skill and one we want him to master…for our peace of mind and his safety.

Many times people think “There aren’t any pools open so my kids don’t need to swim.” Wrong. Regression is even harder on kids. Nathan regressed some in the short time that AquaKids was closed. Thankfully because we didn’t have a long absence, he was able to pick it back up with consistent lessons.  But imagine if we pulled him until summer of 2021. He would have regressed SOOO much. Think of it this way, if one of us ran or cycled every day/week for months and then stopped for 6 months, we would regress. Imagine what this does to kids. I know I was training for a 5K and once I actually ran the 5K I took a break before deciding that I wanted to run a 10K. I could not pick up where I left off, I had to build back my endurance. It was not easy. If I would have kept moving forward I would have been ready for a 10K much sooner!

The Fall and Winter months are perfect for building swim skills. Often the weather is too cold and unpredictable for outdoor sports. This is the time to pull ahead and build strong patterns for safe swimming year round.

If you haven’t checked out AquaKids Swim School yet, now is the time! I am actually going to be working to give a kiddo FREE swim lessons thanks to my awesome readers! Let me know if you want to help bless a kiddo with this gift this holiday season! It’s not just a gift that is fleeting, it’s a life skill that they can use forever!


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