Parenting during a Pandemic

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The title of this blog post is something I never would have dreamed I would be posting about. These past six months have felt like years. The sudden stop of all activity. The sadness over the world feeling so out of control. SO MANY EMOTIONS.

At first the kids were excited to “not go back to school” but that quickly changed when they realized that they “couldn’t” go back… even if they wanted to. Once they realized that the couldn’t see their friends (face to face) it all hit quickly. Their emotions were all over the map.

I tried hard to plan fun things to do but quickly found that I had to be VERY creative as we weren’t allowed to go out and about as normal.  We baked more, did more crafts, played more games.

Then the school figured out a way to “e-school” to finish out the school year. This worked great for the older kids but my little guy didn’t understand why he couldn’t go to preschool or hang with his friends.

Parks were closed, stores were closed, gyms closed, pools closed, movies closed, restaurants closed….the world closed. It was devastating. I personally felt sad for my kids. I was also dealing with another set of emotions. Fear… initially we didn’t know much about how it spread or where it came or if it would kill us or what. I needed to find ways to provide meals still. Many normal things were sold out. Even 6 months later, it’s hard to find Clorox Wipes, Lysol spray and a few other things I could easily find before.

During this Pandemic, Steve lost his jobs. With churches closed, he couldn’t very easily do software security sales to them. His whole team was cut…without warning. That was scary. Thankfully he had buddies who helped him get on with another company fairly quickly… but for less pay of course. I didn’t care, I was thankful for health insurance, and some source of income. Blogging slowed way down and Foster Babies weren’t coming either. It was sad and scary.

Then I started thinking about what I COULD do. I began thinking about a full time job…to help make ends meet. I didn’t want to look at something that required me to be away from the kids too much, so I knew a school type setting would be best.

We spent a great deal of the summer exploring. We rode bikes, went hiking, played at the lake, fished, and just found new (free) things to do with our time.

When we heard we had the option to go back to school, face to face, we were excited. I can’t say that I wasn’t a little nervous about it, but I knew the school would take BIG steps to make it as safe as possible. It does feel strange having to wear a mask every time we are out in public. The kids wear them everyday at school, I wear one at work and when out and about. It’s odd, but it’s come the new normal. We are thankful for some sense of “normal” again.

Parenting during the pandemic has also taught us a few things about life. We were going 90-to-nothing with our four kids. We were thankful to get them to all of the places and make it back for bed each night. We were running ourselves CRAZY. We won’t go back to that life. We now see the value in rest and being home and slowing things down.

How has parenting during the Pandemic been for you?

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