Things to do Check before Your Fall Road Trip

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We have a road trip planned for next weekend. It’s only a four hour trip, but I love to make sure everything is “good to go” before taking off driving… especially when we are not headed towards family or friends. This trip is a weekend get away trip and I am not sure what shops are on the way. I am great about doing the regular maintenance on my vehicles but I don’t always do the other stuff at a specific time. I like to check it in the spring and in the fall. Here is my list of things I check (and what I will be doing this week before we head out!)

1.) Check fluid levels. This one can be tricky. Oil is done on a schedule, but not windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, or power steering fluid. Most people don’t know where or how to check the brake fluid. It’s important to make sure you aren’t running low as it could indicate that you have a leak or something worse. If you do not opt for the full service oil changes, chances are these other fluid levels are not being checked on a consistent basis and you might need them topped off. If you aren’t one to do it yourself…then consider every other oil change, having a full service done where they fill things for you.

2.) Air filters. I never get these changed when getting oil changes as I have found that it’s cheaper to do it myself. My van has two air filters that need replaced and I have replaced them both with ease. If you are not comfortable doing this, your local dealership can do it for you, no problem. Buhler Bitter offers coupons for service needs! (I LOVE THAT!!!)

3.) Lights. I am not talking about your head lights, although that would be important. I am talking about your flashers, or your brake lights. These bulbs aren’t expensive, but a ticket for not having working ones can be.

4.) I also like to check and make sure I have my jack and emergency kit in my vehicle and that it is well stocked. I pack extra food and water as well before long road trips.

I hope this is helpful information. What are things you check before heading out? Tire pressure seems too obvious for the list, but maybe I could have included that one!

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