There is something about a Pickup Man

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Ever thought about what a vehicle says about a person? For instance, I drive a minivan. Without knowing anything about me, you could easily infer that I am a mom driving around a van full of kids… and you would be correct! If you saw a fancy two seater sports car, you might infer that an empty nester, or a single person drive it. You would probably be correct. It would not likely be owned by a family man, as that would not make a lot of sense.

I grew up in a small town where it was very common for (almost) all men to drive a truck. We didn’t live in a remote, country area where it was required due to dirt roads or such, but I think it was common due to the jobs of most of the men. Most of the men in town were hard workers. They worked in construction of some sort, or needed their truck for hauling large loads. There were alot of farmers and men who liked to hunt from the town that I am from. I never really thought it was odd for men to drive anything different. My dad, infact, owns many different pick up trucks, one of which was his fathers.

When I think about a man who drives a pick up in relevance to my life today, I picture this man as a hard worker. Perhaps he uses it to pull a boat or trailor of some sort. He might load it full of sports gear, or use it for hunting. He might use it daily for work, in construction, as a painter, roofer, or something of the like.

I know my hubby can’t wait to get a pick up and my son is beyond excited about it too! If you (or your man) are in the market to get a pick up, check out the HUGE selection at Grogan’s Towne Chrysler Dodge. You can choose between new, used, and they even offer lease deals!

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