Buying a First Car for your Teenager

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We are only a few short months from having to take the trip the DMV to get our oldest daughter her drivers permit. She is already begging to be behind the wheel practicing. She has a few friends who have their permits and she can not wait. I remember being in her shoes and being excited for that…freedom. While I know I have a very responsible daughter, I also do not have a ton of finances to afford a giant tank to protect her as she is starting out.

My fears can get the best of me, but I am trying to stay focused on safety ratings and cost more than anything. I have found (in my online research) that Subaru makes one of the “safest” for new drivers. Ironically, that’s what my hubby’s first car was. We know that we will not be buying a new car and we have three girls close in age, so what we do for one, we will have to do for all three! We have offered to match what they have in savings towards a vehicle. Of course, we have also asked that they have a consistent source of income to cover their gas and half of their insurance on the vehicle, as well.

Winner Automotive Group has several used cars that are perfect for first time drivers! They are a great place to shop for safe, used vehicles. I love that you can shop online to see what they have on their lot before going to test drive. I am having my teens do a lot of research and figure out the buying process. I love that Winner Automotive Group has online SMS available to answer questions, as I am sure there will be many!

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