Add-ons to your New Vehicle that can Save Your Relationship

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Okay so if you are reading this post then you KNOW that time in a vehicle can quickly become breeding grounds for arguments when you are road tripping with your significant other. I try hard not to give directions from the passenger seat and have found that letting the GPS system do that work saves arguments…but I do sometimes remind him to turn it on! LOL If you have the option to have a GPS system in your vehicle, DO THAT!

Another great ad on that can help save arguments in your relationship is dual air control. If you and your significant other are anything like me and mine, then you are NEVER the same temperature… and let’s be honest…one of you will be riding in the sun and will need the air a little cooler then the other at some point in the drive. I don’t know how we have ever lived with that! I know we can’t own a vehicle without it going forward. I can’t tell you the amount of arguments over the temperature of the vehicle.

A third awesome ad on that I highly recommend is a DVD player if possible. Having the kiddos entertained can really help you to enjoy long car rides. We have found that we can chat and have uninterrupted conversation with them being occupied by a movie.

The last ad on that I will say that you will want to make sure your vehicle has is the back up camera. Most vehicles have this as a standard feature now, but not all do. Backing into things can easily cause arguments, as you can imagine. My hubby has done this a few times…and with me in the vehicle…and it didn’t end well for either of us or the mailbox, or the trash can.

Thankfully, Champion Rocks has many vehicles for you on their lot that have ALL of these features already. I am especially loving their easy filter to narrow down all of these extras… their website makes it super easy to shop and see what they have on the lot that fits your wants/needs/desires! Check out this filtered list!

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