Tips for Challenger International Soccer Camp

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We were given a week of camp to check out and review in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and are honest.

My son just completed a week of Challenger International Soccer Camp and had a blast. I learned a few things that I think are worth passing on…incase you are considering this one for later this summer or next summer! We enrolled him back in April, I believe. We were given a code that we could pass on to friends. If they signed up, we would get some money back on our registration. That’s an awesome way to get a discount…but it’s not the only way! We also found out a few weeks before camp that there was another way to save BIG on camp. We were emailed about hosting a camp coach at our home during the week. If we did this, we would get $80 off of registration. That’s a HUGE savings.

It didn’t work out for us to do it this year as we had two kids that we were getting ready to drop off at camp, but we are definitely considering that idea for next year. We love opening up our home and hosting others…and what I love about this particular camp is that the coaches are international students… from all over the world. Nathan’s coach was from Ireland.

I stayed and watched Nathan most days during camp. It was fun to watch them learn through play. They did drills and worked on skills that were age appropriate, and some of the skills were built without them ever knowing that they were working on them…because it was so much fun! That’s perfect for three year olds! If you have a little one that you want to check out the Tiny Tykes program, it’s definitely worth it! On the first day we were encouraged to bring a friend…for free. We couldn’t think of anyone to bring last minute, but wish we knew that was an option a head of time because we would have invited a few friends for sure!

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