A New Season: My Life as Uber Mom

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Summer is here and we are in full swing. We really didn’t have much down time before sports camps started. We weren’t planning to jump into so much so quickly, but it happened. High school sports are no joke, ya’ll! My daughter thought wanted to play basketball and wanted to do the camp with the new coach…so first week of summer, we were getting up early and doing that. Dropping off and picking up… this has becoming my life….times FOUR! I have managed to mostly get the schedules where we don’t have double drop offs at the same times, but I think we have a few throughout the summer. I have teamed up with a few moms to help out as they other kiddos to get to other camps as well. (Love the perk of little man falling asleep in the car…it’s the ONLY place he naps anymore…as seen in pict above!)

While school is going, my shuffling is before and after school…but in the summer… it’s ALL DAY LONG! If I am not taking them to camps, it’s to a friends house, to the pool, or to the store! I am Uber Mom. I won’t complain though. This is just a season. My oldest is just a few short years from driving, then I will tag her in to help out some. I feel blessed to be able to have the flexibility to drive them to/fro as needed.

Here are my tips for staying sane while “living” in in my vehicle most days:

1.) Everytime I get in to go somewhere, I grab a fresh cold bottle of water. I hate being thirsty on the road, or sitting outside of a camp waiting to pick up…hot and thirsty! This is helpful!

2.) I have my podcast lists loaded and ready to go so I have plenty to listen to!

3.) I have a plan of action if I know I will be sitting for a long time. I bring things to read, bills to pay, etc.

4.) I love what I drive! If you love what you drive, you don’t mind “living” in it…haha! If you are looking for a new ride, check out what Chrysler of Culpeper has to offer!)

5.) Sneak in a kid-free errand if you can between drop offs. It’s helpful to get those things done without the extra “I wants” trailing behind you in the store!

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