Clean Car, Happy Kids…How I do it…

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I wear a lot of hats, but the one I am wearing the most lately is Uber Mom. I spend SO MUCH time driving my kids to/fro school, sports practice, games, friends houses, etc. It’s never ended… and take that times FOUR! I love my kids and would do anything for them… well most anything. Being on the go so much means we are often eating/drinking while in the van. This also means, we end up with excess trash, cups and such that often get left in the van. I started bringing a stash of bags from our recycle to use as trash bags and that works great for the longer trips, but the stuff that needs to go back inside the house continues to be an issue. And there are so many times when we need a pool bag, or a softball bag, or a blanket tossed in, or taken out. It’s a lot to manage. Here are three ways that I get this seemingly overwhelming task done with the help of my kids…and they are happy to do it!

I don’t give unending screen time during the week, actually I don’t allow ANY during the school year. The kids get it on the weekends. So it’s pretty special for them to get it during the week. I offer them 30 minutes of screen time in exchange for a van clean out. They often fight over who will get to do it. It’s a win/win if you ask me. 30 minutes isn’t that much time, and I don’t have to manage the constant swapping of stuff and they love a few minutes on their devices. It doesn’t take them long to do the van, but it is really helpful for me to not have to crawl all over cleaning it out.

How this works in the summer… I don’t offer screen time in the summer. They get that for an hour or so every day, so I use a different currency that really motivates them! I use the pool! They love to go swimming. I just tell them that in order to go to the pool, I need the van cleaned and ready to go. They work together. I don’t try to offer anything special to one child, as they all want to go. Infact, the van stays fairly clean in the summer because they love to go as quickly as possible when I mention it!

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