Buying a Car with Bad Credit? It’s Possible…

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I have readers email and ask me for help with how to fix credit issues often. I am not an expert in this area, but I do have a few suggestions that one might find helpful and will share them here. I thought it might be helpful to put them in a post and make it easy for myself when those emails come in the future! First let me address this… I know that credit issues are not always self inflicted. Sometimes people lose jobs at not fault of their own, companies shut down, or business just fold. Perhaps there are medical reasons for why finances became an issue. Things happen, life happens. Whatever the circumstance is… no judgement… I know you want to fix it. The how is the difficult part.

Hubby and I have done Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University training and we aren’t completely debt free. We owe on our home and will for many years. It’s a work in progress. We have learned some important habits along the way that have really helped us to become prepared incase things take a turn for the worst.  Here are some resources you might find helpful if you are trying to bounce back and currently have bad credit:

How to buy a car with bad credit… MRed helps people just like you!

How to rent a house with bad credit…FHA can help.

How to rebuild your credit quickly…. Dave Ramsey can help.

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