Tips for Spring Break Road Tripping with Kids

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I am heading out tomorrow with five kiddos for the week. I am excited about a quick get away and change of scenery. One of the things I have learned in my 14 years of motherhood is that you do no travel (long road trips) without snacks and movies! I have put together a few tips for how to make your spring break road trip a success.

1.) Pack snacks. I get individually packaged snacks for the kids and create a “snack box” for each kid. In the box, each have wet wipes, their favorite gum, a water bottle, a sweet snack, and a salty snack. This is good for a 4-6 hour trip. I try to set myself up well and not give only sweet snacks as I can’t handle kiddos who are bouncing off of the walls, hyper.

2.) Fill up with gas the night before the trip. Kids are very excited to get on the road and are not wanting to sit and wait for “one more thing” when it’s time to get going. I have found that if I stop off to fill up, they want to get out and that takes twice as long.

3.) Pack extra grocery bags that serve as trash bags. I try to have one bag per two people. We use them one direction of the trip and toss the trash when we arrive at our destination. It’s great to have them on hand incase someone gets sick as well.

4.) Pack movies that everyone will enjoy. I have each of my kids pick out one movie and then I toss in a few that I think they will also like. I have a varied age of kids so this can be tricky, but normally my older kids let the little one have the DVD player as they have cell phones and iPads to help occupy their time.

5.) Have each kiddo bring a pillow and blanket. If they get comfortable enough, they just might sleep. This will make the trip go back quickly…for them and for YOU!

6.) Make sure to get your tires rotated, oil changed, and vehicle serviced if you plan to go on a long trip. North Star Dodge offers coupons to help you save on service needs like this!

What tips do you have to help with long road trips?

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