Five Things I have in my Vehicle at All Times

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I don’t like a lot of clutter in my vehicle but I have learned over the years that there are things that I MUST have in my vehicle at all times. Here is my list, I hope you find this helpful:

1.) Napkins, Paper Towels, Wet Wipes, or Kleenex. We almost always have a need for one of these, even if it’s just a short trip. I am always making sure to toss extras in the glove box. On longer road trips, I actually pack paper towels as I feel like they can clean up larger spills if needed.

2.) First Aid Kit. I add a few things to mine as we often need these items that I have added to ours: scissors, nail clippers, nail file, liquid bandaid, headache meds, and peroxide.

3.) Umbrellas. I try to have at least two of these with me. I keep a small one under the driver’s seat and another behind the back seat.

4.) Snacks and a bottle of water. I keep a granola bar or two, pack of gum and a bottle of water in the vehicle at all times. I like to have it on hand incase someone is hungry, gets sick, or just needs something quickly.

5.) Extra battery chargers. I have a cell phone cord to charge my phone in the vehicle but I also have extra battery chargers as well. I can charge them while I drive then toss them in my bag.

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