Random Thoughts, and Things that are Working

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Well we are in the 93840298 day of January and it actually ends TODAY, finally! How has the new year been for you so far? How has it gone with your goals? It’s been a busy month at our house with the kids back in school and getting back into routines.  We did a big garage clean out and got that organized (Thanks DeClutter with Me!) this month and it looks great. I think I can almost get both vehicles in there now. I might try it next time a storm blows through. I’ve been working out and eating healthy trying to hit my personal goal of 10 lbs lost each month…and got stuck a little this month. After talking with a dietician, we decided that I was doing too much cardio and needed to back off a little and add more weights, so I have been doing more strength classes. Even though they kick my butt and leave me wondering why I am doing that to myself, I am continuing to press forward and see results again. (I hate weight loss plateaus.) We celebrated my grandma turning 80 this month. (Cookies by Black Flour) That is so special to me! I love my family and am so thankful my kids know their great grandma. It’s a precious blessing that not everyone gets. I took my oldest daughter to freshman night at the high school. This was exciting (for her) and (a little) heartbreaking for me. She is ready and will thrive and do well, but am I seriously old enough to have a FRESHMAN? And likewise, I am helping my 5th grader make out her schedule for middle school next year. It all seems so fast. I know time just speeds up and there is nothing I can do about that, but man how I wish I could slow it down a fraction. Tonight, I will attend a Cheer parent meeting for my middle daughter who wants to try out for cheerleading. I am excited for her and think she would make a great little cheerleader. She is so fun loving and peppy. I am trying to hold back my fears of heartbreak for her if she doesn’t make the team. She is working hard to get the skills needed in a gymnastics class and I will keep cheering her towards her dreams, none the less. Little man got enrolled in three day preschool for next year. He is ready for that, and this mama needs one extra day to get work done. And last… I have to brag on hubby. He met some high goals at work and earned a trip to Thailand for himself and me! I am gonna be super honest and say that I am so excited and thrilled about this adventure that is all the way on the other side of the world (literally) but I am also scared to death… it’s so far away from my babies and in a plane for almost a whole day each direction! I’m sure as time gets closer, I will be more at ease…or at least I hope! He rocked it and I am so proud of him!

What are some things that are working right now in our house:

1.) No electronics during the week (See this blog post for more info)

2.) Each kid has a day to get their own laundry done.

3.) Podcasts while running. My brain can fully engage the podcast and ignore the pain in my hip, or foot, or back…

4.) Air fryer! We are loving that thing. I seriously make a sandwich in it every day for my lunch. I love it so much! It’s quick and I don’t have to heat the whole house for something small.

5.) Going to bed by 10. I used to be a night owl but have been forcing myself to bed by 10 each night. This has helped me to get up in the morning and have the energy I need to give my family my best. It also has lots of health benefits as I have researched it. I am thankful for more rest in this busy season of life.

How has January been for you? What is working in your house?

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