Parking Lot Safety in Trucks

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If you haven’t driven a big truck, then you might not know that there are often blind spots when you are in tight places. Here are a few tips to help with parking lot safety.

1.) Look for spots to park that have several open spots nearby. Trying to squeeze between compact cars can be difficult and can also increase your likelyhood of getting “door dinged.”

2.) Try not to park close to cart returns. This might sound strange, but oftentimes Moms are returning carts and taking their children out of the carts to walk back to their cars. If you are parked near these, you might not see a small child run behind you as you back up. (Also, I imagine you are less likely to get bumped by a cart of a lazy person who don’t fully return it, but just shoves it near the return!)

3.) Pull thru parking when available. I try to do this in my van as often as possible. It’s much easier to see what is in front of you then what is behind you. Even with the back up sensor, I feel safer driving forward then I do backing up when I know kids could be running through the parking lot.

4.) Stay aware of where you are. You do not want to park in the front of the parking lot if you are at the ball fields for the likelihood that a ball could damage your truck. However, if you are at a park and can off road to park in the grass when paved parking is scarce, enjoy that benefit.

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