Tips from a Busy Mom on keeping your Van Clean

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I have four kids and have found that it feels almost impossible to keep my van clean. When we first got our van, I said I would not allow my kids to eat or drink in it, thinking that would keep it clean. That worked for a few months, but then we hit the holidays and needed to travel out of state. While I do allow them to eat and drink in the car now, I do not allow colored drinks (I know, mean mom!) and I require that they put their trash in the ‘to go bag’ as quickly as they finish their meal/snack.

Food is just ONE of the many things that my kids bring into the van that makes it feel like a mess. They love to leave paper, hair brushes, library books, toys and so much more! My three yr old is the king of taking off his socks and shoes in the van, so we have a nice collection of those in there as well. Below are a few tips that I have found that have helped cut the mess a little… and mind you these are tips from a very busy mama!

Clorox wipes and elbow grease are very helpful! These can really get cup holders, and arm rests looking great again. Ice helps get gum out of the carpet! I use a lint roller to get hair off of the carpet. We have black carpet that shows everything, even after a good vacuum, so the lint roller really helps. Window wipes are a lot of fun for 3 yr olds. I let my little guy go after the windows and he has fun… and they get clean! Win-win!

To make it easier to keep our van clean on a weekly basis, we now carry extra store bags and do a trash check every other day. Papers from school, random junk mail, and receipts are what I tend to clutter the van with. Having a plan and being consistent with it is key to keeping the van clean. My kids now know that if they leave toys or books in the van, then they are mine and I will decide what to do with them!

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