Career Day At Hunt Middle School

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Graduated with my B.S. in Psychology and did school social work before having kids. Loved every minute of it, but knew I wanted to stay home with my kids when I became a mom. Started a blog in 2008 as a way to share photos with my family (mainly parents, as they weren’t on Facebook yet.) At that time Facebook was only 2 years old (available to the public) and Twitter wasn’t as widely used. Instagram was born in 2010, but wasn’t on it’s big growth curve yet either. Blogging was the best way for me to put words on a screen along side photos for my family to see what was going on in my world.

Sample of the original blog…


There were no ads, nothing clickable… just pictures and words…almost like a digital scrapbook of sorts. Things changed when one day I was watching American Idol and heard about a sweepstakes I could enter to win a car and a trip…called Idol Rock, Ford Rolls. I entered. I needed votes. I asked friends and family to vote for me and met some other moms thru online chat rooms and forums. They voted and eventually, I won the car and trip.  Shortly after, we moved to Dallas. I knew I wanted to expand and monetize my blog as I had heard that Amazon was working with bloggers. So when I launched MyCRAZYSavings, I wanted it to represent my current lifestyle. That is why you see Coupons/Deals, Recipes, Fitness/Health, Family Travel, and Mommy Stuff. I wanted to touch on things I was passionate about and could easily write about.

Ways I make money from blogging:

  • Affiliate links
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Paid Advertising
  • Twitter Parties
  • Hosting Events

What I love about what I do:

  • I make my own hours
  • I choose what I want to do and what I don’t want to do
  • I set my own pay rate and decide my worth
  • I can pitch brands for partnerships that benefit me and my family

Some of the brands I have worked with:

  • Pampers
  • SeaWorld
  • Hawaiian Falls
  • Chickfila
  • Beaches Resorts
  • Top Golf
  • Disney
  • Six Flags
  • HP
  • Carnival Cruise Lines

Some of the skills I need to do my job effectively:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Accounting
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Creative Thinking
  • Speech and Communications
  • Tech Savvy

Some of my highlights and perks from blogging:

  • Trip to Little League All Star Game With Subway
  • Trip to DisneyWorld w/family
  • Trip to New York w/Family to meet Eli Manning, see Mets game
  • Interviewed Jewel in her home
  • Multiple trips to Sea World San Antonio and Sea World Orlando
  • Trips to Beaches Turks and Caicos, and Beaches Jamaica
  • Multiple Cruises
  • Ski Trip w/daughter
  • Local Events like Gaylord ICE, Hawaiian Falls, Anatole, Six Flags, Medieval Times, Etc






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