Three ways having a Gym Membership has Saved me Money!

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Who would have thought that having a gym membership would save my family money! It’s crazy but it’s true! I started noticing a few months ago that our water bill was going up each month. It was frustrating as we weren’t doing anything differently. Then it hit me… hubby was taking long showers… sometimes twice a day. He would go to the gym workout, come home shower go to work…then shower again in the evening before bed. Since we go to a really nice gym that has private showers, he now showers there and that bill has been cut in half! Seriously… less then half!

Next, we love watching specific TV shows. We do not have cable TV, Netflix, or Hulu though… but guess what… the gym offers FREE cable! So while we are working out, we can watch our favorite shows…for free! I love getting lost in an episode of Flip or Flip while doing cardio. The bonus? I don’t want to cut short my workout until it’s over…. therefore I push myself a little harder and stay a little longer. I often try to get to the gym just before the hour mark so that I know a new show will just be starting.

Last, but certainly not least, my gym offers childcare as part of the membership. My two yr old isn’t always excited to go into childcare, but when I go to pick him up, he doesn’t want to leave. They have toys that we do not own and he doesn’t want to stop playing when it’s time to go.

Overall I think those three things alone prove that our gym membership pays for itself. What makes it awesome for us is that it’s a family membership and the whole family can use it. They actually just added two family class options where we can work out with our elementary and middle school aged kids. I’m really excited about that!

If you happen to live in Mckinney, Texas… check out the Apex! We love it there!

P.S. You will start to see more fitness/health related posts as I am finally back in the gym and fully recovered from my achilles injury!

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