8 Gifts to Share with Your Hubby

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It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you and your hubby to celebrate your love. Instead, when he’s the man of the dreams, you should be spoiling him whenever you feel like you want to.

This means going the extra mile to let your man know he’s the best – whether that’s cooking him dinner, giving him a foot rub or a massage at the end of a hard day, or taking him out to the movies, treat him to let him know he’s valued.

A great way to show your love and appreciation is with gifts you can share. These not only show him how much you love him, but also the depth of your bond and commitment.

Here are some great gifts you can share:

  • 1. Love Tickets

Love tickets are like little vouchers filled with special treats. They’re a great way to show your love each and every day. One might one say something like “This ticket can be exchanged for one breakfast in bed”, or “This love ticket gets you a trip to the movies!”

Share these vouchers with your hubby so you can make everyday feel like Valentines.

  • 2. Engraved Wine Glasses

If you and your hubby love putting your feet up after a hard day and sharing a glass of wine together, on the sofa or the porch, and watching the night role in, consider making it an even more romantic experience by getting matching wine glasses.

Nothing will help you reflect on your bond better than drinking from matching engraved wine glasses, as you watch the sunlight roll in.

  • 3. Q+A Journal

This one might just be the cutest on the list. You can purchase a Q+A journal, or make your own, but the premise is the same. Every day the journal will ask you a question, about life, love or time, or family, and each day you and your hubby will answer.

Then, at the end of the journal, you have a record of all your answers – and you may have just acquired a habit for life.

  • 4. Stripy Pajamas

This is just gorgeous. Striped pajamas look great on him and her, and if you have any little ones, stripy pajamas look great on them too.

Brunch has never looked so good as when you two sit in your garden, in your matching pjs, enjoying celebratory mimosas – and what are you celebrating? How in love you are!

  • 5. Seed Bombs

This isn’t just a great gift, but a really fun activity. Fill a basket with seed bombs, and run around the garden, throwing the ‘bombs’ on the grass.

What better way to celebrate your love’s eternal blossom than with flowers blooming all around your home? When you look at them, you’re sure to remember that fun day forever.

  • 6. Matching Necklaces

Most people keep sentimental charms on their necklaces, like a St. Christopher, or a parent’s wedding ring, and that’s because a necklace chain is close to their heart.

Keep your hubby close to your heart, and you close to his with, with matching necklaces for couples.

  • 7. Double Waffle Maker

It’s just not okay to have one tasty waffle ready, but you and your hubby waiting for the second waffle to be finished before you chow down. All that waiting around is eradicated with a double waffle maker.

Instead, enjoy two waffles cooked to perfection at exactly the same time, so you can get on with eating and lovingly looking at each other (and the waffles).

  • 8. A Double Hammock

Is there a more romantic idea than you and your hubby setting up a hammock in the yard, and swaying on it together throughout the years, watching the kids playing and growing up, but still enjoying it as a place of relaxation and peace in your home?

There just isn’t a more romantic idea – but most hammocks only accommodate one. Get rid of this problem with a double hammock, so you can both recline in it together.

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