Winter Driving Tips from Kindle Auto Plaza

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Living in Texas, we don’t see many crazy road conditions. When I lived in St Louis, I had to learn how to drive in snow, ice, and slushy road conditions. I recall one winter when we parked on our icy driveway, went to run errands in the other car and came back to our car in the middle of the road… as the ice melted, it slipped further and further out of our drive way. We were SOOO lucky that it didn’t get hit! Living in Texas where people freak out with snow, I thought it would be helpful to share this post with Winter Safety Tips from Kindle Auto Plaza. 

Here are the highlights:

  • Before you go, clear your car of all ice. This includes lights, mirrors, hood and roof as well as windows! Keeping your washer fluid topped off is important!
  • Be gentle with steering and throttle. You don’t want to slip and slide.
  • If you get stuck, switch your traction control OFF.
  • Keep a large gap between you and other cars on hills.

There are so many other tips and tricks to keep your family safe in the winter weather. Staying alert to the vehicles around you is very important. One time we were on on our way to run errands and the person behind us wasn’t paying attention. They slammed their breaks (on ice) which didn’t stop their pick up. They spinned in a full 360 before slowing to a stop. We saw them coming in our rear view mirror and knew they weren’t paying attention. We were able to pull quickly onto the shoulder of the road to give them more space. It was very scary but we were thankful that we were paying attention. With so many people on cell phones now, make sure YOU are looking all around.


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