Happy New Year!

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I hope you had a restful holiday and enjoyed a few days off to relax and spend time with your family and friends these past few weeks! As you know, I am mother to four amazing kiddos and also foster newborns. It has been a very busy last few weeks for me, but as of today, the older kiddos are back in school and we are currently without a little foster blessing to love on. Things are slowing down some and I am finally catching my breath and trying to get caught up on “all the things!”

I’m back at it and hoping to bring you some new content, money savings, and family fun ideas this new year. I thought I would start off the new year by telling you about 5 things I hope to accomplish this year!

1.) More focused time. What does this mean? This means I plan to be more intentional with my time in 2018. No more saying “yes” to things that are just random “time passers.” I am evaluating everything on my plate to see what can go and trying to make more margin to REST in 2018.

2.) More focus on health. The closer I get to 40, the more I realize the importance of this. This includes more meal planning, working out and overall focus on listening to my body and taking care of self.

3.) More attention to what my kids NEED. Not what they want, but what they NEED. I want to pay more attention to how their little hearts need to be shaped and be intentional in filling their tanks and pushing them to be all that they can be.

4.) More date nights with hubby. Some day my kids will all be grown and out of the house. I want to be building up memories for hubby and I to look back on and laugh at when we are old.

5.) More intentional in my work. I want to make sure I am giving YOU content that you will enjoy! I want to post more recipes this year, family fun ideas, and overall content that you will find helpful. I want to refocus on money saving ideas and helping specifically in that way and saving on time (with easy hacks!)

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