Advocate Britax ClickTight ARB Convertable Car Seat Review

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I was sent this carseat for the purpose of this review. All opinions are mine and are honest!

Last month, I was invited to a Britax carseat safety event where the new Britax Endeavours seat was showcased. While at the event, I feel in love with the Britax brand as a whole. When shopping for carseats, it’s rare to get hands on time with experts explaining the features of the seats. In the past, I have always either went for the best deal on a known brand, or asked my friends for recommendations. This event changed my thoughts about how this should be approached in the future. I learned things I did NOT know about carseat safety! Here are my top two:

  • You should not use both the tether straps and the carseat…just use one or the other.
  • Latch has limits. If the carseat weighs 35 lbs, and my son is 30 lbs then I need to stop using the Latch system. 65lb limit.

While at this event, they also had a second carseat that is convertible seat for kids upto 65lbs! The Advocate ClickTight ARB Convertable seat had me very curious! It’s design is sleek and sturdy! There are things about the seat that are typical for most convertible seats. What I didn’t know about was the “ClickTight” part. WOW! I am blown away! Once I saw this I knew this was my favorite seat and I would be talking about it for years! Check out this video below:

I absolutely love have snug and secure my little man is in his seat! The seat can easily be moved from car to car with no struggles! (This means no need for a 2nd carseat for grandma or spouse!) Once I buckle him in, I simply pull on the tether at his feet until it stops clicking and he is snug. To release the tension, it’s just as simple. I push in the red button just above the tether strap. 

I love how easy it is to install! Literally can be fully installed in minutes! I timed myself installing my “other” seat and to get it tight, it took me double the amount of time. Now, imagine me needing to do this a few times a week. It would be a mess. I love the easy visuals that Britax installs to make sure I get my eat secure at the correct angle for prime safety!

Another feature I love about this particular seat is that rebound bar! What does that mean? It means I am able to have confidence that if I were in a wreck the car seat would not move much with this added bar. The bar will brace the seat against the cars seat and will lessen the impact on baby. It’s removable when you turn the seat to forward facing. (See pict below)


Here is the break down of features:

Here is a quick video I did showing how easy this is to install!

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