Need a Baby Sitter? There’s a app for that!

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With school starting soon, I am realizing all of my “help” to keep up with my very busy toddler will soon be gone! My girls have been great this summer to play with their brother and when I needed, I also had a nearby sitter to help out! This all changes next week! My sitter is teaching this year and will not be available during the day to help me out!

I was introduced to the perfect solution a few weeks ago! There is an app called “My Sitters” that you can use to order a baby sitter! It’s a really cool app! Once you download the app, you will get a call from the main office to set up an intro visit. At this visit, you will tell about your family and needs. (They come to your house for this visit!) Then once back in the office, they will match your family with a few baby sitters who fit what you are looking for. All of the sitters have had background checks, and loads of training!

So last week when hubby and I needed to do a First Aid training for our fostering, we needed a sitter…and kind of last minute. I simply went to the app and put in the day and time that I needed and it popped up several options. I was able to look at the profiles of the sitters that it showed as available for me and choose one. I chose the one that said she loves arts/crafts because my girls would love that!

After scheduling her, I got a text confirming that she was coming! On the day that we had scheduled, she showed up and I gave her a little info about the kiddos (she already had access to our family profile and could read up about everyone before coming!), and we were out the door. We ended up having my sister in law come relieve her so we didn’t get to say goodbye. However, when we got home we had a nice note from her saying all that she had done with the kids! Best of all, because it’s an app…no cash was needed. It’s tied to our credit card and will automatically take $ out! I love this as I NEVER carry cash!

A few days later we were sent a survey asking how things went. I love that they asked for feedback. That’s a sign of a company that always wants to address issues, grow, and keep customers.

Hubby and I love the option of being able to book a sitter on short notice (if needed) from this app! Head over to College Nannies and Sitters and check it out!

P.S. This is perfect for when you have a sick kiddo and can’t call in to cancel on work due to an important meeting! <3

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