Disney Descendants 2 now available on DVD Aug 15th (+ giveaway)

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In the first Descendents movie, Mal and her friends saved the day by defeating her mother therefore saving all of Auradon! The first movie left us all on our toes for the next one! Thankfully, the second movie, Descendents 2 is coming out soon and we got to preview it!

The new movie has tons of new co-stars that make it super appealing! There is a new villain by the name of Uma (Ursula’s daughter), a new Descendent kid named Dizzy (Drizella’s daughter), Uma’s first mate, Harry (Captain Hook’s son), and one of Uma’s mates, Gil (Gaston’s son). During this movie, Mal fights Uma for Ben as Uma had captured him, and he is Mal’s boyfriend. Who will win the battle? Mal or Uma? you will have to watch and see! This is a classic good vs evil type movie! You will be hooked.

You can now pick up Disney Descendants 2 now on DVD! Order it here and you will get a free necklace with purchase! This one includes some bonus extras! These include:

Bloopers – The cast cracks up on set during some crazy takes.

Deleted Song and More – Includes an extended song, a deleted song and two alternate endings.

and more!!

My girls have been watching Descendents 2 non stop since it came out…and beware…the songs are super catchy!


Want to win a copy of this movie on DVD? Simply leave a comment on this post with the answer to this question from the first movie… “When Mal defeated her mother, what animal did she turn into?” (My girls picked that one out!) Two readers will win! Giveaway ends on Aug 23rd at 5PM CST.


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  1. Allison G says:


  2. Nina Crane says:

    A gecko? My son loves Descendants 2!

  3. A lizard 🙂 I had to ask Ava 🙂

  4. Kim Clark says:


  5. Vanesa canedo says:

    A lizard

  6. Lizard

  7. Ashley Graham says:

    She turned into a lizard

  8. She turns her into a small lizard

  9. Stephanie Garrett says:

    A tiny lizard!
    My kids love these movies!

  10. Jessica To says:

    A lizard!

  11. bernie wallace says:

    I believe that she turned into a Lizard. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  12. A lizard.

  13. shirley emitt says:

    She turned into a lizard!

  14. livivua chandler says:

    she turned into a lizard

  15. A lizard!

  16. A lizard.

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