Shopping for a new Van!

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I have absolutely loved our mini van! It offers everything I love and so much more! Recently, I’ve noticed that it’s getting more miles on it and I’m getting nervous about how long it will survive! The shopping process can be a stressful one! This mama knows better then to go into a dealership, toting my kids in and trying to test drive. Way too stressful!

In an attempt to find another mini van for our family, I searched It’s super simple to navigate! I was able to check my mini van’s value to make sure I am getting a “deal” when we buy! Next, I searched for the make and model of what we are looking for and also selected that we wanted to look at preowned. Last, I also had the opportunity to select how far we are willing to travel. A huge list of exactly what we wanted popped up!

I was able to look at each listing, see photos and even video. Once we narrowed down to two, I was even able to see how much my trade in is worth and what my payments will be. has made it super easy for me to do my “shopping” from home and with little effort at that. I now can check the availability with one click and after confirming that it’s at the dealership, I can go and start the buying process.

As a busy mom of 4, I absolutely love having options like this. It’s truly a win win for everyone as the sale will happen without a lot of time wasted looking and shopping. I can shop in my pajamas and after the kids are in bed and it’s quiet, giving my brain freedom to focus!

If you are in the market for a new or used car, make sure to check out for your next ride! You won’t be disappointed!

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