Pre-Owned under 10K Deals at York Chrysler Dodge Jeep

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Are you in the market for a new (to you) used car? York Chrysler Dodge Jeep has some sweet deals under their “Pre Owned” tab! You don’t have to look at their full inventory to see the HOT deals, you can look under the Priced Under 10K area!

I have never been able to drill down to that low of a budget online shopping for a car! I love that York is ahead of the game and has these listed for easy viewing. They also have several other tabs that might interest you as well! You can check out their “specials” tab which shows you the best deals they have on new cars! I love knowing what my APR (annual percentage rate) will be before falling in love with a new car!

York has a 2017 Pacificia for less then $30K. This is the price which does NOT include the trade in value of your car! I have been shopping around for a while to find my next “family” ride and this one looks awesome! I love that it will seat 8! My van only seats 7 currently! We have a family of 6 and are foster parents, so often we have all 7 seats taken. It would be great if we could make this switch but we have to wait another year or so as we like to pay cash for our rides and we haven’t saved up enough just yet!

If you are looking for a dealership who has a nice sized inventory and also offers deals that you can view online on their website, I encourage you to check out York Chrysler Dodge Jeep for your familys next ride! I think you will find something that fits your budget and offers all that you are looking for. Their website is easy to navigate!

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