Thank you Nurses!

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I have partnered with Pampers to bring you this post! I love being a Pampers Baby Board blogger and being able to give back to Nurses!

This week is Nurse Appreciation Week! Nurses play a vital role in our lives and our babies’ lives and Pampers recognizes how special they are! For the second year in a row, Pampers has honored Labor & Delivery nurses, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses and Postpartum nurses through their Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Awards! This years recipients include: Laurie Milliken (Labor & Delivery), Elizabeth Giambrone (NICU), and Billie Warren (Postpartum). Congrats ladies for winning this awesome award!

I was so excited to be able to honor a nurse (for the second year in a row) who has played a vital role in my kiddos’ lives! You can read my post from last year here. This year, I honored a sweet friend who is an awesome, hardworking nurse, Andrea! She was my go to nurse the first few days after we brought our son home. He had some respiratory issues and she gave me confidence to take care of him. New mom worry is a very real emotion and I was consumed. Andrea, like the awesome nurse she is, helped me stay focused and helped educate me on what to look for and how to handle it. She made me feel good about my ability to take care of a tiny 5 lb baby. Andrea has also loved on my big girls during summer camp as the camp nurse. She is such a rock star nurse! With help from Pampers, I was able to spoil her and the other nurses working at Children’s Hospital today!

It was such an honor and blessing to give back to these deserving nurses today!

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