Extra Ways to make Money

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Are you looking to make extra money this summer! Here is a guest post with a few ideas that might hep you out!

Not everyone wants to be a taxi driver or walk dogs for extra cash to fund a summer holiday. Some people want to work from home, and thanks to the emergence of new technology, there are numerous jobs to be done online at any time. If you are looking for ways to pad your bank account quickly, here are some legit options to consider:

Proofread Transcripts

Proofreading documents is a great way to make extra income. There is a lot of content to edit, and they include eBooks, essays, magazines and ads. If you love reading, can spot errors quickly and simply want to make money from something you are truly passionate about, proofreading is a great field for you. However, understand that proofreading is not for everyone, especially those who have a weakness in recognizing spelling and grammar mistakes. If you are good at identifying inconsistencies, it can be an ideal income-generating platform for you. Understand that some documents can be intense and very long, requiring much of your attention span.

Join Consumer Groups

Do you enjoy paid surveys but feel you are not getting enough income from them? If so, then joining consumer groups could work positively for you. A lot of research companies are now offering online focus groups as they want broad data, especially from the global stage. You only need to have a webcam to follow the online info boards. Payments can be received via PayPal, MasterCard or Visa, and vary from one group to another. This is a platform that is best suited for people who like to give genuine opinions on products and services. An easy way to get an invite into a focus group is by staying active as a survey analyst. You may have stumbled upon a survey that is secretly interlinked with a focus group. The other option would be to look for offline focus group studies because they are easier to qualify for and have clear requirements.


There are many advertised platforms that writers are encouraged to join. If you have good writing skills, submitting your write-ups to the right sites can be very rewarding. You also get the chance to work at your own pace, set prices and enjoy a steady income. Article sites fall into two categories. The first is revenue sharing where you get paid a certain fee for each clicked ad on your post. The other option, which is more lucrative, is where you are paid upfront for each article submitted. Most of the sites that pay upfront are reputable and tend to be established in their individual niche. Perhaps the only challenge would be the vast audience you may have to compete with for jobs. Here, you will need to apply your best skills and get noticed by clients for direct jobs.

Online Trading

Online trading is a lucrative way of earning extra money. Stock trading especially is a platform you may want to tread with caution and a lot of information. For instance, you need to know that the market fluctuates almost all the time. The more you know about a company and its trends, the easier it is for you to gain good profits. Study the financial markets to learn what’s trending and understand what makes the stocks rise or fall. A financial information source such as CMC Markets can offer up-to-date trading news to keep you informed. The other critical factor when it comes to online trading is diversification. No matter the period you want to trade to earn extra income, it is dangerous to invest in one asset class. Be sure to spread your assets amongst different sectors to avoid losing money in case the only company you invested in goes down.

Join Affiliate Programs

Have you noticed any of your social media friends recommending certain products on their sites? If so, they could be using an affiliate program. Whether you choose to recommend an eBook on Amazon or Instagram, there are many programs open for you to recommend products and make a commission. Make sure to choose the right program, a product you believe in. The commission should also be acceptable. If you give it enough effort into it, the payment can be rewarding. Before embracing any program, ensure you understand the terms of payment clearly to avoid surprises. No matter where you are, it is possible to sell to anyone in the world, and also easy and free to join the programs.

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