Babies First Easter Egg Hunt

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My childhood memories around Easter were filled with Egg hunting, lots of candy and getting all dressed up. I want to create lasting memories with my kiddos too and since this is Nathan’s first egg hunt, I thought it would be fun to get some eggs that were more toddler friendly! Thankfully I know that Oriental Trading sells pre-filled eggs, which is perfect for this busy mama of four! I partnered with them to bring you this post! All opinions are mine and are honest! I picked out several varieties of Easter items that were super toddler friendly! I got Glow in the Dark “He is Risen” tomb eggs, Resurrection Story filled eggs, and Mini Easter Rubber Duckies!

We received our order and were all set for his first egg hunt! Let’s just say it didn’t go as I had dreamed! He thought the basket was a fun thing to throw. Once I convinced him to hold it, it became a hat! Once inside the room ready to hunt, he was all about throwing eggs. He threw a few into his basket as I was quick to move it for easy holding. He then decided to play instead of gathering eggs. It was cute! Thankfully the hunt we did was with friends and every kid left with 12 eggs. Well 5 eggs in and Nathan was done! I gathered a few more while he picked up a few and tossed them like balls. He loved when they busted open and he could see what was inside.

If you plan to order for Easter, order soon because they currently have upto 60% off Easter items!

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