Fun day of Skiing at Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe

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I could barely wait for today to come! I have been skiing a few times in the past, but my last trip down a mountain on skis was 15 years ago! I couldn’t wait to give it a run and to introduce Chloe to the fun sport of snow skiing! Off to Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe we drove!

We were set up with a private instructor for a 2 hour one on one lesson! She quickly got Chloe comfortable with her skis. Today was a bit windy and the snow was falling rapidly, so the bunny slopes were all closed! This didn’t stop Chloe! She listened well and learned quickly and before I knew it, we were headed up the mountain for her first run!

I loved watching her take it all in. She didn’t fumble much and was MUCH better then I was my first time around! We skied until I couldn’t feel my toes anymore and wanted to go in for lunch! As we were taking off our boots, we over heard an employee say that they were thinking about shutting down early as the wind was getting harder and harder! I felt satisfied with the amount of runs we did and was okay with that.

We went upstairs to the cafe for lunch! They have salads, soups, chili, pizza, burgers, sandwiches and more! We were able to sit by the window to look at the snow fall while we ate! The food was yummy and cooked to perfection!

Chloe wanted to go one last time before we left so I gathered up all of our gear and helped her get it all on again, then sat chatting with employees while she did a final run! She must have skied straight down that mountain because she was back within 20 minutes!

I am so proud of her! It was her first time, and now she wants to come again. We now know where we will go and she has confidence!

After skiing, we drove back to Granibakken to rest for a bit before heading out to dinner at Sunnyside Restaurant and Lodge for dinner. The atmosphere of our dinner was spectacular! We were able to over look the lake and beautiful mountains as we enjoyed dinner! Here are a few pictures of our delicious meals!

I highly recommend Sunnyside for dinner while you are enjoying Lake Tahoe. Make sure you order the Hula from the desert menu (pictured above) as it’s incredible and perfect for sharing! During the summer months, you can enjoy dinner by the lake! They have a dock for boats to park in while dining as well! It’s stunning!

Now to hear from Chloe on her thoughts about today and the fun she had!

I was so exited to ski and I was also scared! We got to the Mt Rose after a slow drive up an icey road. Once  I saw the mountain and I got super exited! We went inside and got all of our ski gear (Boots, Skis, and Ski Poles) checked out and put on! We met our private lesson ski instructor, who was really nice! Since this was my first time to snow ski, she just tried to get me used to my skis. We started toward a training ski lift chair which is where she taught me how to sit and get off with ease! The first time I tried to get off on the training chair I fell (which didn’t hurt at all!), the instructor said that it was normal and that it was okay! We tried again and again until I felt like I got it!

We finally got on the ski lift and were ready to head up the mountain. My mom came right behind us. As we were going up the chair lift I heard a lot of cheering and I asked the instructor why they were cheering and she said that it was for a 92 year old man, who had been skiing there since it opened. He was going down the mountain for his birthday and that he still goes there three days a week! I thought that was crazy!

When we got to the top, we started down the small hill. I got super scared that I could not do it and I fell on the little hill! The instructor helped me get back up and we started to go down the mountain! I first learned how to stop and slow down which felt kinda easy! On the third run the instructor started to teach me how to turn. I finally got the hang of it on our fourth run! I got so confident that I attempted to ski straight down! I took off ahead of all the adults! After enjoying lunch with my mom, I went back on the slope for one last run. (I enjoyed pizza for lunch!)  I can’t wait till I’m able to do it again!

Read up on the post from yesterday to see where we are staying!

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